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The Most Impressive Library in Every State

All of these libraries boast unique architectural achievements and grand collections.

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies

Georgia: The Russell Library for Political Science

The Russell Library for Political Science at the University of Georgia is distinguished as a charter member of the Association of Centers for the Study of Congress. Check out the best staycations in every state.

Paul H. Mark, HSPLS

Hawaii: Hawaii State Library

Hawaii State Library, known for its beautiful Greco-Roman style architecture, is the flagship library of the only statewide library system in the nation.


Idaho: The Carnegie Library

The Carnegie Library was founded by a group of women called the Women’s Columbian Club. It became Boise’s first public library upon opening in 1905.

iStock/James Anderson

Illinois: The Chicago Public Library

The Chicago Public Library is one of 80 branches within Chicago’s public library system.

Sarah Murray/Flickr

Indiana: The Theodore Hesburgh Library

The Theodore Hesburgh Library at Notre Dame features a mural commonly referred to as “Touchdown Jesus” for it’s location directly behind Notre Dame’s football stadium’s north end zone.

Jason Mrachina/Flickr

Iowa: The Iowa State Law Library

The Iowa State Law Library is located in the Capitol building in Des Moines. Check out the best free tourist attraction in each US state.

Courtesy Heather Kearns, Lawrence Public Library

Kansas: The Lawrence Public Library

The Lawrence Public Library won a 2016 AIA/ALA Library Building Award for its sleek design.


Kentucky: The Main Library of the Louisville Library System

The Main Library of the Louisville Library System was constructed in 1906 thanks to the generosity of steel magnate and philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie.

Courtesy Caleb Sheaffer/Shreve Memorial Library

Louisiana: The Shreve Memorial Library

The Shreve Memorial Library is located in a former courthouse and U.S. post office.

Garrett Fitzgerald/Flickr

Maine: Bangor Public Library

A new copper dome was added to the Bangor Public Library in October of 2013.

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