Behind The Scenes of America’s Scariest Film

Take Your Daughter to Work Day is especially cool when your dad is Stanley Kubrick. Vivian, Kubrick’s then-17-year-old daughter, wandered around the set of The Shining where she got chummy with Jack Nicholson and meandered through the iconic hedge maze. She did all of this, of course, with a camera in her hand. In her documentary (which features her commentary), Vivian shows Jack preparing for his most intense scenes and the creepy “Danny” (Danny Lloyd) playing on the set like the typical five-year-old boy he was.  She also shares some interesting insider knowledge, like how the snow blanketing the hotel grounds is actually salt (assistants spent most of their days brushing their own footprints out of it to make the power look pristine). Watch it and see for yourself what it takes to scare generations of viewers!

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