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The Best Gifts to Give from Every State

Send a bit of local flair with these state favorites.



Treat loved ones to an indulgent taste of the South by sending a mouthwatering pecan pie. For a dessert that’s harder to find nationwide, offer a buttery chess pie instead. This is the best kept secret in every state.



Jade is Alaska’s official gem and a favorite souvenir of travelers. Wrap up a jade necklace or figurine with the green gem for a unique gift. Check out these astonishing facts about all 50 states.



For a fresh take on poinsettias, give loved ones a cactus this holiday. The desert plants are easy to take care of and will last way after the mistletoe goes dry.



Mount Ida is known as the quartz capital of the world, and with the resurging popularity of crystals, they’ll be a lovely addition to anyone’s home, whether you buy into their healing properties or not.



Any Californian who’s moved elsewhere is probably missing In-N-Out Burger big time. Wrap up a classic T-shirt with the logo to kindly remind your loved one that any other burger joint simply can’t beat it. Here are the most famous inventions from every state.



At third in the country for both number of craft breweries and number of breweries per capita, Colorado seems to enjoy its beer. Pick up a six-pack of your favorite local microbrew.



If you aren’t from Connecticut, you might not know that its residents are known as Nutmeggers (as opposed to Connecticuters, Connecticotian, or any other mouthful), likely because its traders would mix wooden nutmegs with the real thing. Send your friend a batch of snickerdoodles, spiced up with a heavy dash of nutmeg.



Anyone who’s spent summers at Rehoboth Beach is probably familiar with the taffy from Dolle’s Candyland. Send a box for a taste of July on Christmas. Here are the best weekend getaways in every state.



Don’t let Key West have all the fun—send over a key lime pie for a citrusy addition to a dessert spread that's oversaturated with chocolaty and cinnamon-heavy treats.



Quite frankly, my dear, your friends will love this gift. Gone with the Wind is set mostly in Atlanta, so a copy of the book or movie, or a collector’s item will be a fun addition to their collections.

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