Here’s What Happens When Bookstore Employees Get Bored

You can't judge a book by its cover, but you can take pictures with them!

Given that the French invented both trompe-l’œil and being cool, you may not be surprised that one of France’s oldest bookstores is burning up Instagram with book-based, optical illusion awesomeness. Employees of the Librairie Mollat, which opened in Bordeaux in 1896 as France’s first independent bookstore, are seamlessly integrating book covers with real life in a photo series that will make any bibliophile beam.

Below, find some of our favorite photos from the good employees of  Librairie Mollat, and to your eyes we say bon appétit!

01-Here’s-What-Happens-When-Bookstore-Employees-Get-BoredCourtesy librairie mollat

02-Here’s-What-Happens-When-Bookstore-Employees-Get-BoredCourtesy librairie mollat

03-Here’s-What-Happens-When-Bookstore-Employees-Get-BoredCourtesy librairie mollat

04-Here’s-What-Happens-When-Bookstore-Employees-Get-BoredCourtesy librairie mollat

05-Here’s-What-Happens-When-Bookstore-Employees-Get-BoredCourtesy librairie mollat07-Here’s-What-Happens-When-Bookstore-Employees-Get-BoredCourtesy librairie mollat

08-Here’s-What-Happens-When-Bookstore-Employees-Get-BoredCourtesy librairie mollat

09-Here’s-What-Happens-When-Bookstore-Employees-Get-BoredCourtesy librairie mollat

11-Here’s-What-Happens-When-Bookstore-Employees-Get-BoredCourtesy librairie mollat

11-Here’s-What-Happens-When-Bookstore-Employees-Get-BoredCourtesy librairie mollat

14-Here’s-What-Happens-When-Bookstore-Employees-Get-BoredCourtesy librairie mollat

15-Here’s-What-Happens-When-Bookstore-Employees-Get-BoredCourtesy librairie mollat

16-Here’s-What-Happens-When-Bookstore-Employees-Get-BoredCourtesy librairie mollat


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