Can You Spot the Animals Camouflaged in These Photos?

Up for a game of hide-and-seek? See if you can find all of these camouflaged critters.

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Snow leopard

wild-catJörn Friederic/imageBROKER/REX/Shutterstock
If you take a quick look at this photo, the majestic snow leopard could easily be one of the surrounding rocks.

Can't find it? Look on the right side of the image, towards the center. Look for its open mouth. Here are some things you never knew about (house) cats.

Peekaboo, kangaroo

kangarooChris Watson /shutterstock
If you look closely, you can spot this Outback animal's ears sticking up among the grass.

Here's a hint: They're right in the middle. These photos of baby animals (including a baby kangaroo!) will melt your heart.

Just ducky

duckTCreativeMedia /Shutterstock
There's a mama mallard duck hiding in the grass by the water in this image.

No luck finding this duck? Look for its head and beak poking just above the strip of brown grass, among the greener grass in the middle. Learn some common myths about animals you probably have all wrong.

Sneaky snake

SnakeMichaelRBowen /Shutterstock
Snakes are pretty much the masters of disguise. Once you've found the black-and-gray puff adder snake in this photo, try finding the snake in this one.

Stumped on the above photo? Look right in the center for a sign of scales.

Mother and her kitten

WildcatMatthias Graben/imageBROKER/REX/Shutterstock
That's right—there are not one but two fierce-but-cute African wildcats lurking in this photo. The mother cat is pretty easy to spot, but can you find the kitten?

There's the mother in the upper right-hand corner. As for the baby, it's in the front of the image, peeking out from behind a branch in the middle. Aww, so cute. Check out 50 of our favorite cute animal photos ever.

Invisible bunny

BunnyAlfred Schauhuber /imageBROKER/REX/Shutterstock
This European brown hare has got a pretty cool disappearing act. Can you see it?

Look at the left side of the image—that strip of "dirt" isn't dirt at all! This hare is the exact same color as the dirt around it. We bet you didn't know the real difference between rabbits and hares.

Doe, a deer...a trio of deer

Deercritterbiz /Shutterstock
Can you find a deer in this photo? How about three deer? Try to find where the branches end and the antlers begin.

Once you've found the first deer, on the left side next to the biggest tree, continue to the right and you should see his sneaky pals.

Bird blending in

Birdklarka0608 /Shutterstock
This black raven is hidden in plain sight on these dark, craggy rocks in Vancouver.

Hint: Look in the middle left of the image for the slightly darker shape of the bird. It turns out that crows are far from bird-brained—they understand basic physics. (Yes, really!)

Bunny in the shadows

RabbitAHPhotosWPG /Shutterstock
Can you find the rabbit lurking in the shade in this image?

Look in the center of the image, underneath the bush, and see if you can spot the bunny's eye. This bunny may be hiding, but you won't have any trouble finding bunnies on this Japanese island that's full of them.

Whoooo's hiding in this picture?

OwlManaswi Patil /Shutterstock
Can you spot the tiny owl sitting on a branch among the leaves? Its brown and white colors help it blend in with the leaves of this tree.

If you can't find it, look to the left of the biggest branch running diagonally through the image.

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