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The Coolest Street Art in 15 American Cities

Whether you're planning your summer travels or simply want to binge on some stunning photos, these are the most Instagram-worthy murals and street art across the United States.

ChicagoCourtesy Red Soles and Red Wine


You have to "heart" this gorgeous garage in the Chicago neighborhood Bucktown, painted a trendy millennial pink and featuring a giant red heart. It's such a favorite among style and culture bloggers that it even has its own Instagram hashtag (#GBheart).

LAcourtesy LA Dreaming

Los Angeles

Turn yourself into an angel with one of Colette Miller's famous angel wing murals. As part of her Global Angel Wings Project which launched in 2012, Colette paints gorgeous wings on walls across the world to "remind humanity that we are angels of the Earth." In fact, her latest installation in Los Angeles even includes the words, "you are a goddess living in a city of angels." You'll want to see this optical illusion art that will blow your mind.

NYCCourtesy The Key Item

New York City

You'll find plenty of cool photo ops in the Big Apple, like one of artist JGoldcrown's signature Bleeding Hearts murals, which actually began as a mistake. He explained in an interview, "I was actually testing the pressure of spray cans because I mixed spray paint with my multimedia and fashion photography work. To get the right pressure from the cans, I sprayed hearts on this door in my studio. Eventually, the door was full of hearts. When a client came in to pick up a piece I made for him, he ended up buying the door as well."

MiamiCourtesy Lost Found Keep


If you're traveling to South Beach or one of Miami's other great neighborhoods, set aside time to see the Wynwood Walls. In what was once a struggling neighborhood, you'll now find numerous murals and street art by local graffiti artists that capture the city's signature Latin flair and vibrant culture.

Baltimorecourtesy Bri Santoro Photography


You could visit this colorful backstreet 20 different times... and it would never be the same. That's because Graffiti Alley is constantly changing and evolving. It's a legal place in Baltimore for graffiti artists to express their creativity, and each day they're adding new designs and fresh spray paint to this Midtown mecca. Here are more shockingly beautiful art installations around the world.

Bostoncourtesy Stephanie Rita Photography


Painted by native Bostonian Caleb Neelon in 2016, the "Domino Theory" wall art is so large (it's 175 feet long by 25 feet tall) you can see it from the highway. The brilliant backdrop was paid for entirely by Neelon and it went up over a blank wall that was thought of as an eyesore in the community. Here are 7 of the world's funniest paintings.

San DiegoCourtesy Lavender Vines

San Diego

Greetings indeed: This North Park wall looks just like an oversized postcard, making it the perfect location for a touristy photo. It's part of a larger project known as "The Greetings Tour" where artist Victor Ving travels the country, leaving his mark in various cities. The cool part? He always asks locals to come up with the scenes or images painted inside the letters.

HoustonCourtesy The Casual Eclectic


One person's trash is definitely another person's treasure at Smither Park in Houston. The 400-foot mosaic "memory wall" contains all sorts of recycled finds from seashells to broken dishes to old nail polish bottles. Almost 300 artists participated in the design and construction of the installation in hopes of promoting more self-taught and collaborative art in the area.

seattleCourtesy A Taste of Koko


While Seattle might be best known as the birthplace of Starbucks, it's also become famous for the Gum Wall. Found on the bottom level of Pike Place Market, the 50-foot-long brick wall is covered in pieces of chewed gum. What started as a company's refusal to keep cleaning up old gum has now turned into a tourist draw. Don't forget to stick on your own wad of bubble gum before you leave!

PhiladelphiaCourtesy Wear She Blossoms


Talk about a mural with meaning: "Start From Here" is a geometric wall by Isaac Lin that spans two buildings and uses the colors of national flags all across the world. His intent? To remind us all that, with the exception of Native Americans, we all came from different countries (even if it was our ancestors as immigrants) and that we all have the same opportunity to create our own lives here in the United States. Don't miss these 10 secret messages hidden in world famous paintings.

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