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12 Crazy-But-True Reasons People Filed for Divorce

They promised to stay together "till death do us part," but some unusual deal-breakers got in the way.

inbedJacob Lund/Shutterstock

He couldn't keep up

In 2014, an Indian man was granted a divorce by a Mumbai court because of his wife's "excessive and insatiable drive for sex." He alleged that she often forced him into having what he described as "unnatural sex," and that when he tried to resist, she would abuse him in various ways, including forcing him to take drugs and imbibe alcohol.

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Frozen out

For one Japanese couple who had been married for six years, the movie Frozen was the deal-breaker. After watching it, he made the mistake of asking her, "Did you really think it was that good?" Well, apparently, she did, and the fact that he could even ask that question made her question what sort of person he was. And she couldn't seem to "let it go," moving out of their marital residence soon after. Next, check out these bits of marriage advice that divorced people wish they'd known.

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