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14 Creepy Things Found in People’s Houses

Realtors, home inspectors, funeral directors, and house cleaners all have access to homes, which means they're all privy to our creepiest of secrets.

Creepy-Things-Found-in-Peoples-HousesTatiana Ayazo/

The mystery baby

An unforgettably haunting discovery that Fournier once made was a birth certificate hidden under the mattress of the deceased. The birth certificate belonged to that of a child of the deceased. What made this discovery so strange was that no one in the family had any knowledge of the child. Here are the signs that your house could be haunted.

Creepy-Things-Found-in-Peoples-HousesTatiana Ayazo/

The kids he never had

Jasmine Hobbs, a cleaning expert at London Cleaning Team, has her own anecdote about unknown children, except Hobbs' story involves children that were never born. "Once, we had a death cleaning job in a property that had been inhabited by a lonely old woman. As we cleaned out the house, we discovered a room that contained a big, beautifully decorated Christmas tree with tons of kids' toys underneath." What haunted Hobbs was that the woman who lived in the house had no children. Believe it or not, this creepy house is nothing compared to these 13 haunted house mysteries no one can explain.

Creepy-Things-Found-in-Peoples-HousesTatiana Ayazo/

The kids he wished he didn't have

"Every home keeps his owner's secrets," says Lauren Haynes, who is responsible for death cleaning (also known as "end of tenancy cleaning) at Star Domestic Cleaners. Occasionally, those secrets are truly disturbing. That was the case when Haynes cleaned out the apartment of an elderly man who had maintained a hidden collection of family photos in which the heads of various members were crossed out in red marker in the shape of a pentagram. There were also voodoo dolls arranged on the floor.

Creepy-Things-Found-in-Peoples-HousesTatiana Ayazo/

Practical joke from beyond the grave?

Lucas Machado, a Florida real estate investor and president of House Heroes LLC has attended many home inspections, but the scariest thing he's ever seen turned out to be nothing more than a practical joke: Inspecting a "fix and flip" that had no electricity (having been abandoned years earlier), Machado nearly jumped out of his skin at the sight of a body laying still on the master bedroom mattress. Turning on his flashlight, he realized soon enough that it was merely a life-size doll dressed in old clothes. Next up, check out the craziest things every found during home inspections.

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