17 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts Everyone Will Love

“It’s the thought that counts” is usually a cop-out for someone giving a cheap gift. But with these ideas, you can create an inexpensive but still meaningful present for anyone on your Christmas list.

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Wine cork snowflake

DIY-Christmas-Presentscourtesy Paula Skulina
Here’s a great way to re-gift those wine corks you have lying around your house. Paula Skulina from Sweet Pea came up with a fun, easy-to-make ornament using wine corks, glitter, and ribbon. Find out how to make it at virginiasweetpea.com.

Homemade Christmas potpourri

DIY-Christmas-PresentsTaste of Home
Ever wish you could bottle up those magical Christmastime scents? You actually can—and give it as a gift (or keep it for yourself). Choose one of these fun smelling “recipes” and put the ingredients in a mason jar as a gift. When your recipients add the contents to a pot of water on a low simmer, their houses will smell like Christmas.

Refurbished picture frames

Turn a cheap purchase into a memorable Christmas present. Buy old frames from the dollar store or a garage sale (the more intricate the designs, the better) and give them a fresh coat of brightly colored paint. Be sure to put a cute photo of the two of you inside. Don’t miss these other Christmas gifts for people who are impossible to shop for.

Photo collage tray

DIY-Christmas-PresentsThe Family Handyman
Want to gift a more inventive photo display? Editors at The Family Handyman came up with this creative way to show off fun photos. They decorated a white wood tray with photos and stickers and covered their designs with an acrylic piece. Make it more special by adding mementos like movie stubs or quotes from the recipient’s favorite TV show.

Sand art brownie mix

DIY-Christmas-PresentsTaste of Home
This DIY gift not only looks pretty, but it tastes delicious. Layer the brownie ingredients in a mason jar and add a festive gift tag. All the recipient will need to do is add eggs, canola oil, and vanilla to prepare tasty brownies. Get the recipe from Taste of Home. Want more delicious ideas for presents? Check out these Christmas foods gifts that anyone can bake.

Pom pom keychain

DIY-Christmas-Presentscourtesy A Bubbly Life/Laurel Stavrosjpg
Know someone who always loses their keys? This keychain from Laurel Stavros at A Bubbly Life will prevent that from ever happening again. Wrap yarn around cardboard until you get the size you want. Slide it off the cardboard, tie an extra-long string around it, and then cut the ball of yarn to make a pom pom. Tie it to a keychain, and voila!

Cloth wall clock

DIY-Christmas-Presentscourtesy Fabric Paper Glue
A gift that’s as practical as it is fashionable, this homemade clock from Fabric Paper Glue can be any color, pattern, or design that you wish. You will need access to a power drill, but don’t let that intimidate you. The whole project can be completed in just five steps. Get all the instructions from Fabric Paper Glue.

Homemade gumdrops

DIY-Christmas-PresentsTaste of Home
Gumdrops are one of the most festive Christmas treats, and now you can make them in your own kitchen, thanks to this recipe from Taste of Home. They’re perfect for any friend or relative with a sweet tooth. Gift them in a fun holiday tin or mini picnic basket.

DIY cell phone cover

DIY-Christmas-Presentscourtesy The Crafty Blog Stalker/Katie Adams
Cell phone covers can be pricey, and many of the more reasonably priced ones only come in solid, boring colors. But with this clever idea from blogger Katie Adams, you can turn any ordinary cell phone cover into a work of art with some washi tape and decoupage. Get all the instructions from The Crafty Blog Stalker.

Boozy hot chocolate mix

DIY-Christmas-PresentsTaste of Home
There’s nothing like a nice warm cup of hot chocolate to put anyone in the Christmas spirit—especially if that cocoa is made with spirits. Layer all the dry ingredients from this Taste of Home recipe in a mason jar, and tie a small bottle of Kahlua or Baileys to the jar with a festive ribbon. If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic twist on this wintery classic, check out these delicious hacks to upgrade your hot chocolate.

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