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The 25 Best Halloween Costumes for Families

Halloween costumes are so much more fun when the whole family gets involved! Here's what you need to put together our favorite family Halloween costumes.

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family halloween costume idea cat in the hatCourtesy @adventuresofatwinmom

The Cat in the Hat

Dress up as the characters from this classic children's series—your mother will not mind at all if you do. In fact, she's probably the one coordinating this family affair. For an instantly adorable group idea, get the kids matching Thing One and Thing Two costumes. Then, dress up Dad as the mischievous Cat in the Hat himself. All Mom needs is a smart work dress to play the role of the unsuspecting mother who was out for the day. If it's your first Halloween as a parent, you'll go gaga over these sweet mommy-and-baby Halloween costume ideas.

family halloween costume idea taco avocado fiestaCourtesy @savingamyblog

Taco Tuesday with all the fixings

Tacos make everything better...but who knew that they could also make everything cuter? While anyone can take on the roles of taco, avocado, and hot sauce, of course, the avocado is a perfect option for expectant moms. Fashion the fruit out of cardboard, paint it two shades of green, and cut out holes to accommodate your face and baby belly. Grab a festive taco costume for your partner and a Sriracha chili sauce tee and green cap for your little one, and you're all set for a fiesta!

family halloween costume ideas monstersCourtesy @wefivekings

Hotel Transylvania's monster mash

When monsters and humans mesh, you've got a great Halloween theme for your family. This Hotel Transylvania family costume comes together easily with ready-made costumes for Count Dracula and Frankenstein. To re-create the father-son duo of Johnny and Dennis, you just need to layer plain yellow and green tees and don red wigs. For Mavis, a simple black dress and red-and-black striped stockings will do the trick. To get everyone ready for the big day, make sure you educate your little monsters properly with the best kids' Halloween movies ever made.

family costume halloween idea ideas harry potter wizardsCourtesy

The wizarding world of Harry Potter

Expecto patronum! Practice your spells and show your Gryffindor pride with these Harry Potter costumes that can accommodate large families and a wide range of ages. Whether you want to go as Hermoine, Dumbledore, Hagrid, Professor McGonagall, or the Chosen One himself, there's an option for you...and even your hardest-to-please little wizard. Bonus: You can also find costumes for Luna, Malfoy, and Dobby the House Toddler—er, Elf.

family halloween costume idea ideas greaseCourtesy

Grease is the word

Are you hopelessly devoted to Sandy, Danny, Rizzo, and the rest of the Rydell High gang? Get your crew decked out in picture-perfect '50s style with these ready-to-go Grease costumes. If you've got a particularly big family, this is a perfect choice: Just add more Pink Ladies and T-birds as needed. Complete the look with high ponytails for the girls and extra pomade for the boys. And don't forget your shades!

family halloween costume ideasCourtesy @brittneyroybal

The Day of the Dead in living color

These Day of the Dead costumes are just the right mix of gorgeous and spooky. They're also shockingly easy to put together. If you don't have the time or skill to paint the intricate sugar-skull designs on your faces, easy-to-apply temporary Day of the Dead tattoos will have you looking the part in no time. For the outfit portion of your costume, find a bohemian-style dress or a blouse and skirt in dark colors, and finish the look with a pre-made floral headpiece. To trick out your home for the big day, add these 30 inexpensive DIY Halloween decorations for the spookiest holiday ever.

family halloween costume ideasCourtesy

Jazzercize like it's the '80s

Whether you're channeling Flashdance, Jane Fonda, or Olivia Newton-John, you've got a lot of '80s inspiration for this Halloween costume. Perfect for moms and daughters, these matching workout ensembles feature off-the-shoulder neon sweatshirts, leotards, colorful teal tights, and—of course—leg warmers. They're available in both women's and children's sizes, or you could always go searching in your own closet for some, um, vintage items. And don't leave out Dad: He can join in the '80s fun with a simple tank, neon shorts, and a headband.

family halloween costume ideas mermaidsCourtesy

The little mermaid and family

Your little mermaid may be the star of the show in this underwater costume odyssey (and always), but she's got a great supporting cast. Dad can dress as Poseidon, the god of the sea, while Mom plays the role of an enchanting sea siren. While this family costume certainly won't offend anyone, these 10 Halloween costumes have been banned from schools.

family halloween costume ideasCourtesy

A herd of unique unicorns

Mythical, magical, and just plain amazing, unicorns are America's latest obsession. For a surefire Halloween hit, dress as a herd of these horned horses...but let each family member choose his or her own unicorn style. You can opt for an inflatable unicorn costume for boys and a sparkly jumpsuit for girls and adults. (Both men's and women's versions are available.) Accessorize with colorful ombré wigs to complete the look.

family halloween costume ideasCourtesy

The Back to the Future cast

Travel back to the '80s with these Back to the Future costumes that are instantly identifiable and oh-so-nostalgic. Dress up as Marty, Jennifer, and Doc Brown—with your littlest family member taking on the role of the eccentric scientist. Seriously, is there anything cuter than a pint-sized Doc with wild hair? You can even DIY your own costume for Marty. All you need are jeans, a denim shirt, an orange puffer vest, and a skateboard. Time-traveling DeLorean not required. For more DIY options, check out these 23 inexpensive Halloween costumes for kids basically anyone can make.

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