16 Fun Movies That the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Here's what gets the laughs with a 21st-century audience. Throw the popcorn in the microwave and queue up these fun movies for your next family movie night.

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Toy Story 3

The first two are great, but a more nuanced story—with a surprisingly dramatic climax!—makes this fun movie adventure the ideal choice for the whole family. (Best for ages 6 and up.) Want more laughs? These are the top fun movies of all time.

The LEGO Movie

Colorful characters, including many familiar faces like Batman and Wonder Woman, will have kids howling. You'll love the self-aware and riotous sense of humor. (Best for ages 6 and up.) These are the best one-liners from movies that you'll want to say over and over again.


Rats in the kitchen?! As ever with the Disney partner, Pixar infuses a manic romp with a heartwarming, and conversation-starting, message in this fun movie. (Best for ages 5 and up.) Believe it or not, these movies were actually better than the book.

Chicken Run

Classic "claymation" and a wily British sense of humor keeps this film fresh. (Best for ages 6 and up.)

The Muppets

Everyone's favorite talking frog and his large cast of friends get an update for the 21st century. Fun celebrity cameos and catchy musical numbers round out the package while retaining that classic Muppet feel. (Best for ages 5 and up.)


A pick-me-up family comedy that was nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. What more could you possibly want? (Best for ages 6 and up.) These are classic '80s movies you should have seen by now.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

It seems very zany—and it is—but the nutty exterior masks a genuine beating heart within that any audience will recognize and enjoy. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is one of the many fun movies your family can enjoy on a Friday night. (Best for ages 6 and up.)

The Parent Trap

A star-making performance from the young Lindsay Lohan is the icing on top of a fun, charming script. (Best for ages 6 and up.) Make sure you watch these movies about friendship with your bestie.


Perhaps a little dated where its pop references are concerned, Shrek still triumphs as a gross-out comedy that will bring the house down. (Best for ages 6 and up.)

Mary Poppins

Singing, dancing penguins, and Julie Andrews: this classic stands up to the best of today's comedies. (Best for ages 6 and up.)

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