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This Is How Many Rhinos Are Left in the World

Some rhino populations are increasing, but others are in trouble. Here's the lowdown on this endangered species—and how you can help them.

Rhino with birds Kenya African wildlife endangered specieAndrewGreen/Shutterstock

What does the future hold for rhinos?

"Unfortunately we can't predict the future, but we remain optimistic," says Pereira. "Poaching numbers are—slowly—decreasing, and there is more work taking place to encourage breeding for Sumatran rhinos and build their numbers."

Still, Livingston cautions against complacency. "All rhinos currently exist in a guarded state, and Sumatran and Javan rhinos could easily go extinct in the next decade without further conservation work," he explains. "Numbers of greater one-horned and white are slowly increasing, but so are the challenges they face."

This is exactly how many cheetahs are left in the world. 

White RhinoSteven Gill/shutterstock

How you help save the rhinos

The biggest thing you can do to help save the rhinos? Don't buy any products made from poached rhinos. Livingston also recommends supporting rhino-focused non-profits, zoos, and conservation breeding centers. Visiting the sites or simply donating money are both helpful. "We can also support international efforts to save their habitat, protect them where they live in the wild, and support innovative programs," adds Huijbregts. The bottom line: There is hope, and every little bit of help makes an impact. Check out these 16 incredible animals that came back from the brink of extinction.


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