The Easy iPhone Trick That Will Instantly Get You More Storage (No Photo-Deleting Required!)

No, you don’t have to delete Pokémon GO. Also, why do you still have Pokémon GO?

Try-This-Easy-iPhone-Trick-to-Instantly-Get-More-Storage-(No-Photo-Deleting-Required!)-269190068-guteksk7guteksk7/shutterstockYou’re at your kid’s first little league game, at Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, or sitting in a chapel at your best friend’s wedding. You’re excited to document this amazing day and all its memorable moments, so you pull out your iPhone, go to the camera, and completely miss the moment because you have no more available storage.

The cursed and dreaded “Cannot Take Video” or “Cannot Take Photo” has at one time or another given pang of frustration to one of the roughly 700 million iPhone users worldwide.

Thanks to this simple hack, however, this issue can become a thing of the past. And this trick won’t come at the cost of your precious apps, pics, or music library.

First, think of the longest film you’ve ever seen, or just pick from this list. Now, head into the iTunes store, look up said flick, then check the file size, and compare it to the amount of available space on your phone (Settings -> General->Storage & iCloud Usage). (Make sure you don’t have enough space for the file — if you do, then you’ll be charged for the rental.) Then hit “rent.” Hit “rent” on Rent if you want to be real meta. 

Now head back to the available storage section in settings. Boom, upwards of half a gigabyte of memory is once again readily available. And since you never actually downloaded the rental, you don’t have to sweat a charge to your account.

On a slightly related note, you still need to watch all 222 minutes of Lawrence of Arabia at some point. If not that, at least have a laugh at any of these funny flicks

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