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17 Genius Ideas for Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Everything you need is already in your closet.

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Dressed in all black and a stealthy mask, no one will know whose sticky fingers have been in the candy bowl—especially with black gloves to leave no fingerprints. Bonus points if you use your burlap sack with the goods to carry your candy. Just don’t get caught!

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Even if you choose chocolate over rabbit food on Halloween, a bunny costume is a sure hit. Keep cozy in a fur vest, then slip your bunny ears on. Whiskers and a little pink nose are cute but hop-tional. Check out these other 12 easy Halloween makeup ideas that are practically a costume alone.

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Scuba diver

Get ready to make a splash at your costume party. A black shirt and leggings transform into a scuba suit when you get in gear with flippers and a scuba mask. The goggles might come in handy when you’re bobbing for apples! (Before you head to the Halloween party, learn the real origin of Jack-o'-lanterns.)

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Family Feud contestants

Want a winning last-minute group costume? Survey says Family Feud contestants will be a crowd-pleaser for last-minute Halloween costumes. Best of all, you can show up in whatever you’re wearing; print out a nametag and you’re ready to go. Here are 20 corny Halloween jokes to share with your crew.

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Do you want to build a snowman? This is the simplest way to get an Olaf costume together. Dress up a plain white cap with construction paper eyes and a carrot nose, then use pipe cleaners for the hair. Felt buttons and hands pull the outfit together. Don't miss these 15 best Halloween costumes for Disney superfans.

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Got a leather jacket and a bandana? Great—you’re ready to let your bad biker out. Add some sunglasses and fingerless gloves (chains and spikes encouraged!) and get revved up for Halloween.

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Ready for a real trip this Halloween? Grab your Hawaiian print shirt and camera—for once, socks and sandals are encouraged. As always, don’t forget the sunscreen! Next, check out the 15 funniest Halloween costumes guaranteed to get laughs.

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