19 Words You Never Realized Are the Same Backwards and Forwards

You'll never look at these words the same again.


Tatiana Ayazo /Rd.com Everyone has heard of the famous palindrome example of "racecar," which is spelled the same backwards and forwards. But what if we told you we have 18 more words that you probably never realized are palindromes?

CivicTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com As in relating to a city or a town. (Speaking of, here are the nicest small towns in America.)

DeifiedTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com This basically means to treat or worship someone or something like a god.

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LevelTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com Whether this is used as a noun, adjective, or verb, it's pretty self-explanatory. (If we use it as a noun, here are 7 things you that drain your energy levels every day).

LemelTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com A lemel is a small shaving of metal like gold and silver. This term is typically used in jewelry stores.

MadamTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com If you're looking to address a woman respectfully, this is the word to use.

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MinimTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com A minim is the measurement used to describe about one drop of liquid.

MurdrumTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com Murdrum is the crime of killing somebody unknown. This act is very secretive.

MomTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com Mother, mommy, madre, mami, mama—you get the idea. Here are some quotes about moms that'll make you want to call yours.

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NoonTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com As in the best part of the work/school day: lunchtime! Here are some healthy lunch ideas for the whole family.

RadarTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com Maybe you're talking about electronics, maybe you're talking about your sense of awareness. Regardless, palindromes are definitely on our radar right now.

ReferTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com If someone refers you to somebody else, you probably did a great job at something.

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RepaperTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com Repapering is the act of applying new wallpaper. (Here are some tips on how to remove the wallpaper to begin with.)

RotatorTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com The word "rotator" speaks for itself. Its job is to rotate and/or to rotate something.

RotavatorTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com Gardeners should know what this piece of equipment is. (Check out this gardening secrets for starting seeds.)

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SagasTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com A saga is basically a fancy name for a long story.

SolosTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com

This is the plural of an act that is performed by one person.

TenetTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com A tenet is a belief, principle, or opinion.

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WowTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com As in, "wow" that's a lot of palindromes.
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