11 Stunning, Rarely Seen Photos of Princess Diana

Got Princess Diana fever? You're not alone. With her birthday just around the corner (she would have turned 57 this year), the Princess of Wales is still on the mind—and in the hearts!—of many.

00-Stunning,-Rarely-Seen-Photos-of-Princess-Diana_1043075a_EDITORIAL_James-GrayDaily-MailREXJames Gray/Daily Mail/REX/Shutterstock On the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's death, the royal family revealed three new photos from her personal album. But that's not the only thing Princes William and Harry are doing to keeping the memory of the "People's Princess" alive. Watch their new documentary, released this summer.
The-Most-Stunning-(But-Rarely-Seen!)-Photos-of-Princess-DianaREX/Shutterstock In 1995, Princess Diana paid a visit to the White House and naturally stunned in a dark blue Victor Edelstein gown. Even though she danced with actor John Travolta, all eyes were on the former ballerina; she was the one with the groovy moves. Check out even more fascinating facts you never knew about Princess Diana.
The-Most-Stunning-(But-Rarely-Seen!)-Photos-of-Princess-DianaREX/Shutterstock No one questions the Princess of Wales’s unconditional love for her sons, Princes William and Harry, and this photo just proves it. Whether they were apart for a few days or a few months, the look on her face says it all. She couldn’t be happier!

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The-Most-Stunning-(But-Rarely-Seen!)-Photos-of-Princess-DianaCassidy and Leigh/REX/Shutterstock In 1993, the royal family let loose with a trip to Thorpe Park, where Diana rode along on the amusement park rides with her sons. Nearly 20 years later, Prince Harry opened up about his mother’s death—and how he coped with his grief.
The-Most-Stunning-(But-Rarely-Seen!)-Photos-of-Princess-DianaKen Towner/Evening Standard/REX/Shutterstock Princess Diana speaks with Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth’s sister, while waiting at Victoria State for the state visit of the Italian president. Soon, women around the world would mimic her impeccable fashion sense. You can steal these style tips from Princess Diana, too.
The-Most-Stunning-(But-Rarely-Seen!)-Photos-of-Princess-DianaAlan Davidson/Silverhub/REX/Shutterstock The camera caught Princess Diana in a rare moment of pure joy while leaving the Royal Opera House in 1995. Her sisters, Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Lady Jane Fellowes Tuck, must have been in on the joke, too!

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The-Most-Stunning-(But-Rarely-Seen!)-Photos-of-Princess-DianaDAVE HARTLEY/REX/Shutterstock All of the royal women donned pastels for the annual Trooping the Colour parade in 1992. As they stood on the balcony in this photo, they watched the British Royal Navy fly past. (Learn why Queen Elizabeth wears bright outfits all the time.)
The-Most-Stunning-(But-Rarely-Seen!)-Photos-of-Princess-DianaBRENDAN BEIRNE/REX/Shutterstock In her white and pink strapless evening dress, the Princess of Wales was the belle of the ball during the 1988 British royal tour of Australia. Prince Charles obviously couldn’t take his eyes off of her! By the way, this is what really happened between Prince Charles and Princess Diana.
The-Most-Stunning-(But-Rarely-Seen!)-Photos-of-Princess-DianaDaily Mail/REX/Shutterstock A family bike ride while on holiday in the Scilly Isles inevitably turned into a photo shoot for the young royals. Since family outings like these were rare, Princess Diana soaked up the time she could spend with her boys.

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The-Most-Stunning-(But-Rarely-Seen!)-Photos-of-Princess-DianaREX/Shutterstock Princes William and Harry got to dress up as their heroes—police officers—for a day. Diana supervises from the background—most likely to make sure they don’t take off on that motorbike!
The-Most-Stunning-(But-Rarely-Seen!)-Photos-of-Princess-DianaDavid Levenson/REX/Shutterstock Princess Diana and Prince Charles knocked their iconic power couple image out of the park during their visit to Cameroon in 1990. It’s just proof that beige doesn’t have to be bland!
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