20 Skeleton Puns Perfect for Halloween Groans

Ready for some Halloween skele-puns? (Get it?!) Welcome to the Groan Yard!

Musically inclined

SkeletonTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com,shutterstockThe one instrument that the skeleton can play better than others is the trom-bone. (Love skeleton puns and Halloween? Check out these spooky DIY crafts.)

Licensed to fly

SkeletonTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com,shutterstockThe favorite mode of travel for skeleton pilots is—wait for it—the scareplane or the skelecopter. (Did you know fall is the best season for travel?)

Time for tea

SkeletonTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com,shutterstockSkeletons serve tea and coffee on bone china—watch out for chips! (Check out the most haunted places in America.)

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Made you laugh

SkeletonTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com,shutterstockSkeletons are great at stand-up comedy—when they use their funny bone. Speaking of funny, you'll love these hilarious one-liners.

Short in stature

SkeletonTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com,shutterstockThe favored historical ruler of skeletons is none other than Napoleon Bone-a-part. (Do you know these 8 strange ways height affects health?)

Perfect recipe

SkeletonTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com,shutterstockCount on your skeleton chef to say "Bone Appetit!" when he serves you a meal. (Want some Halloween cuisine? Check out these Ffall food festivals.)

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Time for church

SkeletonTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com,shutterstockThe skeleton played his organ before the congregation. (Too scary? Here's the reason you don't like frightening films.)


SkeletonTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com,shutterstockThe skeleton couldn't help being afraid of the storm because he just didn't have any guts. (Check out why howling wind is always spooky.)

Couch potato

SkeletonTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com,shutterstockThe skeleton loved to binge-watch his favorite shows on the skelevision. (Don't miss the most addicting hospital shows on Netflix.)

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Technologically advanced

SkeletonTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com,shutterstockThe skeleton didn't like to talk on the rotary skelephone because he preferred his cell bone. Groaning yet? Don't miss this great list of corny jokes!

 Maid service

SkeletonTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com,shutterstockThe skeleton couldn't keep anything tidy because of his lazy bones. (Feeling lazy? Here are some last-minute Halloween costume ideas.)  

Potluck BBQ

SkeletonTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com,shutterstockThe skeleton brought his appetite to the picnic and also some spare ribs. (Ready to carve some pumpkins? Check out how that tradition started.)  

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Lonely hearts

SkeletonTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com,shutterstockThe skeleton cried his eyes out because he didn't have any body to love. (Too lonely? Try a haunted hayride to get you in better spirits! Better spirits, get it? That's punny!)  

Smarty pants

SkeletonTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com,shutterstockThe skeleton decided to bone up on the facts for the big exam. (Don't miss the most haunted colleges in America.)


Doctor's orders

SkeletonTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com,shutterstockThe skeleton dropped out of medical school because he just didn't have the stomach for it. Don't miss the healthiest types of Halloween candy.  

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Jazz hands

SkeletonTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com,shutterstockThe skeleton played a melodic solo riff on his shiny sax-a-bone. This is what your favorite music says about you.


Sour grapes

SkeletonTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com,shutterstockThe skeleton ordered a cabernet wine with a full body because he didn't have one. These are the wine terms you should really know by now.  

No offense taken

SkeletonTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com,shutterstockThe skeleton literally didn't mind that everyone called him a bonehead. Do you look like your name? Science says yes!  

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See the future

SkeletonTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com,shutterstockThe skeleton knew what would happen next—he could just feel it in his bones. Here's what science says about superstitions.


Artistic temperament

SkeletonTatiana Ayazo /Rd.com,shutterstockThe skeleton canceled the gallery showing of his skull-ptures because his heart wasn't in it. It's easy to feel passionate about these DIY Halloween decorations.
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