Super Bowl Ads: Show Us the Money!

It’s no secret that Super Bowl commercials can be just as riveting as the glory on the gridiron. A good thing for advertisers, since they’re dropping serious coin on them—roughly 700% the cost of a 30-second spot in the first televised game 45 years ago.

Below, the averages in dollars adjusted for inflation (and with the conversion to current dollars in parentheses) for half a minute of airtime. For a deeper dive into Super Bowl numbers—and history—check out this feature on The Awl.

1968—II, Miami: $55,000 ($363,000)

1972—VI, New Orleans: $86,000 ($472,000)

1974—VIII, Houston: $107,000 ($498,000)

1978—XII, New Orleans: $185,000 ($651,000)

1982—XVI, Pontiac: $345,000 ($820,000)

1988—XXII, San Diego: $600,000 ($1,165,000)

1992—XXVI, Minneapolis: $800,000 ($1,309,000)

1995—XXIX, Miami: $1,000,000 ($1,507,000)

1998—XXXII, San Diego: $1,300,000 ($1,831,000)

2000—XXXIV, Atlanta: $2,100,000 ($2,800,000)

2006—XL, Detroit: $2,500,000 ($2,847,000)

2011—XLV, Dallas: $3,100,000 ($3,164,000)

2012—XLVI, Indianapolis: $3,500,000

2013—XLVII, about $4,000,000

(Photo by Infrogmation via Wikimedia Commons.)

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