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12 Simple but Powerful Ways You Can Support Vets

Veterans deserve our gratitude and support every day of the year.

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Do the little things

The simplest acts of kindness often mean the most. If you find yourself living near a veteran, why not offer to ease the burden of yard work or running errands? Mowing a veteran's lawn every week, or spending some time pulling stubborn weeds means so much more than just helping with the landscaping—it's a tried and true way to physically show your appreciation for the sacrifice their service required. If lawn care or grocery shopping isn't your thing, why not bake cookies or invite them over for a meal? Going outside of your comfort zone to show appreciation often reaps rewards you never saw coming. Check out these other 50 random acts of kindness that don't cost a cent.

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Help them record their legacy

For veterans with no family close by or at all, recording the story of their service can provide a sense of peace and comfort that cannot be underestimated. The Veterans History Project collects audio and video stories of veterans spanning every war from WWI to present. War-time letters, diaries, and journals of veterans are also accepted, as well as artwork and photographs. This is an incredible way to encourage children to learn more about the life of service members (by including them in the video or audio interview process), and also works well as a service project for Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts or as a bar or bat mitzvah project.

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Say 'thank you'

Perhaps the easiest way to extend your gratitude to our men and women in the military past and present, is to say "thank you"—two magical words that literally lower blood pressure, improve sleep, and strengthen relationships. We can express our gratitude a multitude of ways, and yet a simple verbal acknowledgment of the great sacrifice veterans have made for this country should not be overlooked. A simple thank-you, a gesture of buying a meal or a cup of coffee, can mean more to those we owe our freedom to than we can understand in the moment. Learn 45 things America's troops wish you knew.

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