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30 Amazing Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Buy at the Drugstore

Forgot to order flowers and now they're all sold out? Whomever you're spoiling this Valentine's Day, it turns out your local drugstore has got you totally covered.

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coffee cupvia

Melitta Porcelain Pour-Over Single Cup Serving Coffee Brewer


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If your partner is a student, a busy professional, a parent, or any kind of human, there's a good chance they drink coffee. But instead of picking up a Starbucks gift card, opt for a portable pour-over coffee brewer, which is so much more meaningful than handing over money. "Avoid buying a gift card at all costs," MacLean notes. "It's the most impersonal way to show your love." Some 22 percent of men said receiving a gift certificate from their S.O. was the worst gift they'd ever received, she adds. Find our the Valentine's Day gifts he's sure to love.

george foreman panini pressvia

George Foreman Rapid Grill Series Electric Indoor Grill and Panini Press


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It's not selfish to give a gift that partially benefits you, right? Well, that's exactly what a George Foreman Grill does. Your partner can whip you up their famous grilled chicken or make you a tasty panini on this easy to clean indoor grill—it's red-hued to keep in the theme of the day. And let's be honest, is anything more attractive than someone who can cook? Bet you didn't know you could grill these 22 foods?


shave setvia

Van der Hagen Shave Set


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Shaving supplies are a safe gift for a man you've just started dating. They say, "I like you enough to get you something, but I didn't want to overwhelm you with something overly generous." Find out the best Valentine's Day gift for every stage of your relationship.

toiletry bag via

SWISSGEAR Heather Grey Toiletry Bag


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If your man loves to vacation or often travels for work, a brand-spanking-new Dopp kit makes a great gift. Because it's so inexpensive, you can afford to fill the bag with some of his favorite travel-sized toiletries. This gift is a great way to show how well you know him. Ready to make a grand gesture? Book one of these romantic Valentine's Day weekend getaways.



grooming kitvia

Braun Multi Grooming Kit


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An electric razor is one of those practical but equally thoughtful gifts for the metrosexual man in your life—or any man who does any kind of grooming. The modern man cares about how he looks and isn't afraid to indulge in some luxury grooming. The Braun Multi Grooming Kit is incredibly sleek and comes with all-time trimmings (see what we did there?).

activity trackervia

Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker


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Some drugstores go beyond plastic watches, stocking high-end products, such as a Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker. This is ideal for the person who loves to exercise or has made a resolution to get into better shape this year. The best part: they'll have no idea you picked it up around the corner ten minutes before you showed up at their door.


massage oilvia

Master Massage Aromatherapy Massage Oil, 4 pack


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Some 34 percent of single men and 30 percent of single women claimed the best gift they'd received from a significant other was an activity they did together, according to the PlentyOfFish survey. "Plan your Valentine's day around a fun activity you know your partner will love," MacLean suggests. How about a generous couple's massage? Cue the massage oil, an easy Valentine's Day gift that's like an engraved invitation for one-on-one time. These dreamiest Valentine's Day adventures will also get your hearts racing.


yes way rosevia

Yes Way Rosé Mini Bubbles


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What's better than a bottle of rosé? A bottle of sparkling rosé that you pick up at the local Target. This comes in a handly single-serve bottle which means it will always be perfectly bubbly every time you crack one open. Pick up two so you and your sweetie each have one. (Note: Wine is not available at all Targets.) Find out how Valentine's Day is celebrated around the world.


Hanes Men's Comfort Boxer Briefs, 9-pack


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Valentine's Day gifts should be less about the money spent and more about the thought that goes into them. Boxer briefs are not only functional (after all, every guy could use another pair, especially on laundry day), but they also provide a fun and flirty way to say, "I can't wait to see you in these later." Here are more inexpensive Valentine's Day gifts to woo your sweetheart.


Nina Ricci L'Air Du Temps Eau De Toilette Sprayvia

Nina Ricci L'Air Du Temps Eau De Toilette Spray


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Choosing a scent that suits your gal's personality and taste is no easy feat, but if you find the right perfume, it will say a lot about how well you know her. Fragrance is a safe gift for the woman you consider your girlfriend—you may want to take a pass if you only recently started dating. Here's what your favorite scent reveals about your personality.


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