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30 Vintage Halloween Costumes That Could Still Be Worn Today

Hello, nostalgia! These cute Halloween costume pics might make you long for the past.

headless womanCourtesy Bruce Mitchell/Reminisce

Headless woman (1910)

"That Washington-Irving type headless girl is actually my mother, Helene Winans, being escorted by friends in Mohegan Heights, Tuckahoe, New York, in 1910," says Bruce Mitchell of Greenfield, Indiana. Consider dressing up as a couple of lovers who lost their heads, or one of these Halloween costume ideas for couples.

firemanCourtesy Judy Farmer/Reminisce

Fireman (1913)

"At age 3, Edwin Leech had his picture taken while playing fireman in 1913," says daughter Judy Farmer of Mansfield, Ohio. With a coat that long and boots that high, young Edwin didn't even need suspenders! Although this is a vintage Halloween look, being a fireman never goes out of style.

wizard and coCourtesy Katrina Syska/Reminisce

Wizard and co. (1921)

"This is my most favorite picture of my father; Lester Warren Bartley! He is with his sister Helen and younger brother Clarence (Bud). It was taken about 1921 or 1922 in front of their house in Swissvale, Pennsylvania, on Halloween," says Katrina Syska.

hats and masksCourtesy Phyllis Guth/Reminisce

Hats and masks (1940)

Friends Sandy, Phyllis Guth, Betty, and Molly, enthusiastic trick-or-treaters, get set for their school Halloween party in the 1940s. You might want to skip wearing a mask to the office, however, and opt for one of these clever Halloween costumes for work.

WONDERful kidsCourtesy June Anderson/Reminisce

WONDERful kids (1947)

"In 1947, I went to Green Street School. Mrs. Dunklee, our teacher, thought it would be great fun for us to make costumes from Wonder Bread wrappers for the Halloween parade. We scoured our neighborhoods, begging people to save the dotted wrappers for us. Mother sewed, stapled, and pleated the one of a kind costumes, and we thought up slogans for our signs. Marilyn Brooks and I were the heels," says June Anderson of Brattleboro, Vermont. So many great vintage Halloween looks are also punny costumes, too.

flowersCourtesy Deborah Pack/Reminisce

Flowers (1950)

"Growing up, my mother made costumes for my six brothers and sisters. Houses in the country were too far apart for trick or treating, so we dressed up and went to our elementary school for the annual Halloween party," says Deborah Pack. On Halloween evening, Deborah dressed as a flower (right).

nurseCourtesy Ralph Carroll/Reminisce

Nurse (1950)

Joyce didn’t go on to become a nurse, writes Ralph Carroll of Mabank, Texas. But back in the 1950s, at least her doll got good treatment. All you need is a paper hat and some accessories for this cheap Halloween costume.

Reminisce Magazine

Bride and groom (1950)

"In 1950, when I was three years old, I was the bride and my sister Earleen, 6, was the groom in this Halloween photo taken in Redmond, Oregon," writes Linda Arensmeier Rud of Juneau, Alaska. "We won first place in a local costume contest. My mother, Tonie Arensmeier, made the outfits, and we played with them until they were in shreds."

Reminisce Magazine

Bunny (1950)

Hopping back to Halloween 1950, here’s a photo of a vintage Halloween costume—an adorable bunny—from Dolores Sabia of Carlstadt, New Jersey. “My dad worked for the Passaic Rubber Co. and made the carrot by dyeing and shaping some rubber," she writes. If bunnies aren't your thing, try one of these punny Halloween costumes guaranteed to make everyone chuckle in amusement.

Reminisce Magazine

Ghosts (1954)

"In 1954, we lived on 42nd Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My mother must have had some old sheets to spare, as she made me and my older brother, Ken, ghost costumes for Halloween," writes Patricia Kasbohm Sohley of Fishers, Indiana. "All went well until my brother donned his costume—I hadn’t seen him put the costume on, so I refused to pose next to him for a photograph until I made sure that it was really him under that sheet. After taking a peek under it, I was satisfied and posed alongside him. Let the trick-or-treating begin!" Nothing screams vintage Halloween like wearing a classic sheet ghost costume.

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Originally Published in Reminisce