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30 Vintage Halloween Costumes That Could Still Be Worn Today

Hello, nostalgia! These cute Halloween costume pics might make you long for the past.

Reminisce Magazine

A bandit, a ghoul, and a cowpoke (1956)

A seafaring bandit, a bloodsucking ghoul, and a cowpoke were ready to head out in search of Halloween loot in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1956. “I’m the vampire in the middle, my brother Terry is the pirate, and our cousin Jeff Alexander is the cowboy,” says Ron Holley of Chandler, Arizona. “We were sometimes disappointed we couldn’t wear more than the masks when the weather got too cold.” If you're looking to create fake blood for your costume, it's easy. Don't miss these scary Halloween costumes that will give you nightmares.

zorro and gypsiesCourtesy Ursula Harper/Reminisce

Zorro and gypsies (1957)

"Standing in front of our 1956 Nash Rambler are our four children," writes Ursula Harper of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. "The picture was taken in 1957 as they were headed to a Halloween party wearing their Zorro and gypsy costumes." Vintage Halloween costumes are only as interesting as the vintage candies that need to come back.

Reminisce Magazine

Cowboy (1957)

Two-year-old Steve was a straight shooter in this vintage Halloween photo from 1957, courtesy of Olga Wolfe of Albany, Wisconsin. Back then, many little buckaroos dreamed of being just like Roy Rogers.

Reminisce Magazine

Roman centurion (1960)

"My brother is six years younger than I am and has always enjoyed dressing up. I was his costume designer when we were young," writes Heather Anderson of Buffalo, New York. "In 1960, at age eight, my brother was a Roman centurion. We made the kilt and cape from an old red tablecloth and the helmet from gold-painted paper-mâché. The dagger was real, but my father would let him hold it only while we took the photos." Don't miss these other fun Halloween costumes any adult can make themselves on a dime!

Reminisce Magazine

Pharaoh (1962)

In 1962, when Heather Anderson's brother was 10, he dressed as a pharaoh. A T-shirt, a couple of dish towels, miscellaneous bits of jewelry, and some creative bending of metal rods created the vintage Halloween look.

robotCourtesy Peggy Oels/Reminisce

Robot (1963)

When your dad is a service technician for IBM, it stands to reason that all those electronics could be used to make a blinking robot costume for Halloween. Sure enough, Peggy Oels of Glendale, Arizona, wore the uncomfortable suit that her dad and mom made in 1963. "I couldn’t sit down," Peggy says. "And the battery pack for the lights worked loose and whacked me on top of my head."

stallionCourtesy Bruce Thompson/Reminisce

Stallion (1964)

"As an amateur photographer, I took hundreds of slides of my family through the 1960s and 1970s. In this picture taken in 1964, my two children dressed up as a stallion."

frankenstein costumeCourtesy Eric Hill/Reminisce

 Frankenstein's monster, a skeleton, a clown, a princess, and an Egyptian (1964)

"This was a Halloween my siblings and I will never forget. My father, Henry Allen Hill, took us out trick or treating in 1964. He was such a big man and played the role of Frankenstein's monster perfectly. So much so that kids fell off the front porch of my Uncle Bill's house in St. Ann, Missouri, just at the sight of him answering the door," says Eric Hill.  If you want to go as more of a cohesive front, check out these clever group Halloween costumes.

Dara GunnellCourtesy Dara Gunnell/Reminisce

Two sophisticated ladies (1965)

Nothing is more hysterical than spotting two little girls dressed up as grown-up ladies. As you can see, all it takes are a set of pearls, a silk blouse, and a wig to throw the look together! You can tell the girls are really getting into character with their demure smirks. Anyone can master these easy Halloween makeup ideas.

raggedy anne and little red riding hoodCourtesy Charlie VanderMeer/Reminisce

Raggedy Anne and Little Red Riding Hood (1965)

"My wife, Bette, sewed all three of these Halloween costumes for our children, Lori as Raggedy Ann, Jeff as Raggedy Andy, and Linda as Little Red Riding Hood," says Charlie VanderMeer of Grand Rapids, Michigan. "The picture was taken in 1965 as they prepared to go trick-or-treating."

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Originally Published in Reminisce