10 Vintage Cars to Remind You How Cool Cars Used to Be

Cue the nostalgia.

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1958 MG Magnette

Mike-Casey/Reminisce Extra
"This car was marketed to the young urban professional in England in the 1950s. I spotted mine in the used car ads in the newspaper in 1999. I could remember seeing only a couple of these even in the ’50s. Today, there are fewer than 200 in North America."

Credit: Mike Casey, Reminisce Extra March 2017

1960 Corvette

Sherman-Smallwood/Reminisce Extra
"We had a lot of fun and enjoyed getting together with several other couples, parading around, stopping as a group at a restaurant or just showing off. We got a lot of attention—some friendly waves and some envious looks," said the owners.

Credit: Sherman Smallwood, Reminisce Extra March 2017

1978 Monte Carlo

Linda-Dills/Reminisce Extra
"My mother, Lorraine Fischer, bought this beautiful car brand new when she was in her 60s. It actually was her second choice. She first picked out a Chevy Nova but returned it, saying 'it had trouble making it up a hill.' She wanted something with more power. This two-tone beauty caught her eye, and it was love at first sight. It turned out to have all the power she wanted."

Credit: Linda Dills, Reminisce Extra January 2017

1948 Ford Anglia

Frank Scherer/Reminisce Extra
"When I take it to car shows, no one except for the old hot-rodders even knows what it is."

Credit: Frank Scherer, Reminisce Extra July 2016

1954 Chevrolet Bel Air

"Michelle [my wife] and I have won many trophies at car shows, and our retro car has been featured in Betty Ace Broads & Rods magazine, on the custom-car website Cool Rides Online, and in a classic car insurance ad. Our mascot, Duke, a stuffed German shepherd, always rides in the backseat. This is our dream car, and we love it!"

Credit: Ted MacHugo, Reminisce Extra September 2016

1952 MG

"Ernest [my husband] was thrilled with his MG. He loved to put the top down and drive with his scarf streaming out the back, his jaunty cap clinging to his head. I was more inclined to slouch behind the windshield to keep my long hair from swirling into a tangled mess."

Credit: J. Andrew, Reminisce Extra November 2016

1960 Studebaker Lark Convertible

"Norman [my boyfriend at the time] didn’t pay much for the car; I think he bought it soon after he got out of high school. It had an electrical problem (we assumed) because every time we hit a pothole or went over railroad tracks, the windshield wipers would come on. I certainly didn’t date him for his snazzy car!" (If your car is giving you trouble too, watch out for these car repair scams before you head to the shop.)

Credit: Donna Shaw, Reminisce Extra November 2016

1957 Studebaker President

"In 1990, I bought this sedan, made by the same manufacturer as our old family car, from a World War II veteran who had acquired it in an estate sale."

Credit: Edward Lemanski, Reminisce Extra November 2016

1922 Ford Model T

John-E.-Purcell/Reminisce Extra
"John [the owner] says the best reward is when people compliment the car and say it reminds them of cars they or family members once had. At one show, the car’s previous owner spotted it in its restored glory 17 years after he sold it to the Purcells. The two talked, took pictures and reminisced about the car. 'It’s a piece of history,' John says. 'The neatest part of owning it is when people share their memories.'"

Credit: John E. Purcell, Reminisce Extra January 2014

1954 Dodge Royal

John Rowerdink/Reminisce Extra
"John Rowerdink still remembers the day that he first set eyes on this car, which his father, Cornelius, ought in Bismarck, North Dakota. It was love at first sight. 'I was 10 years old,' John recalls. 'I still remember getting up and seeing that brand-new car parked in the backyard. It really made an impression on me.'”

Credit:  March 2014

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