These Decades of Stunning Vintage Wedding Dress Photos Will Make You Long for the Past

Wedding gown styles may change, but lovely brides and sweet love stories stand the test of time.

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Courtesy Mary Ann Gove

This is a photo of my uncle Lewis Wilhelm’s mother and father-in-law on their June 18, 1902, wedding day. —Mary Ann Grove (Check out these marriage tips from couples married 50+ years.)


Courtesy Carmela Galanti

This beautiful flowing gown and veil was worn by my grandmother in 1932. Everyone told me it looked stunning as she walked down the aisle. —Carmela Galanti


Courtesy Angela Caricato

I love the sleek, silky silhouette of my great-aunt Angela’s gown. She was married in 1937 and this dress was definitely before her time. —Angela Caricato (These are some surprising secrets from the most happily married couples.)


Courtesy Edythe Humphries

These are my parents Howard and Marie Humphries on their wedding day, October 26, 1940. They were married at Holy Cross Episcopal Church in New York. My mother’s dress was from the Ann Dupont Vintage Dress Collection. —Edythe Humphries


Courtesy Jobyna Carpenter

Since I liked to sew and material was less expensive than buying a ready-made dress, I decided to make all of the dresses in my wedding party. This included one maid-of-honor dress in yellow, three bridesmaids dresses in different shades of blue, and four candle-lighter dresses in white. I made my own dress out of light bluish-pink satin. —Jobyna Carpenter


Courtesy Mary Kleinhans

My husband and I got married the week World War II ended on August 15, 1945. During the war, gasoline was rationed. As couples were planning their honeymoon trips, their friends would give the groom-to-be their extra gas coupons. But the minute the war ended, gasoline was no longer rationed. My husband had a pocket full of coupons he no longer needed. —Mary Kleinhans (Can 4 hugs a day save your marriage? A humor writer experiments.)


Courtesy Anne L Wolf

Bob and I met each other at a German folk dance club in Los Angeles, California. After a year of dancing together we got married on August 26, 1950. I found my dream wedding dress at the Broadway Department Store in Hollywood for $15! My dress had a sweetheart neckline and a long train. The fabric was beautiful—white lace embellished with small pearls, and the dress had buttons going down the back and on the wrists. I felt like a princess when my sisters helped me get dressed. With my sewing ability, I was able to make a lovely veil out of cotton tulle attached to a “simulated pearl” crown of orange blossoms. —Anne L. Wolf


Courtesy Irene Kratzke

Bob and I met at the University of Minnesota. My major was home economics, and with that background I decided to sew my own wedding dress. August can be quite hot and humid in Minnesota, so I chose to make the dress out of organdy and lace. The dress had a Peter Pan collar and the bodice had tiny covered buttons down the front. The short puffed sleeves were perfect for my summer wedding. I also made elbow length gloves out of the lace fabric. —Irene Kratzke


Courtesy Josephine Rego

My husband Salvatore and I were married January 29, 1950, when he was 21 and I was 20. This year we celebrated our 65th wedding anniversary, and each year I show the family my gown, which is in pristine condition. My parents gave me a budget of $100 for the dress. I fell in love with this one at Abraham & Strauss. I  got it off the rack for $99. My twin granddaughters remind me that Princess Kate's gown was similar. —Josephine Rego (This 1950s marriage advice still applies today!)


Courtesy Elaine Green

Roland and I met at college and were married three years later on December 2, 1951. Our wedding was planned to take place earlier in November but before the wedding my father and I were in a car accident. I was a daddy’s girl and not having my dad at my wedding was not an option. The wedding was rescheduled and even though Dad was wearing a body cast, he was able to walk me down the aisle to marry the love of my life. Just after we said our vows, Roland surprised me by singing to me in his beautiful baritone voice. My daughter wore my dress at her wedding in 1992. —Elaine Green

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