Your End-of-the-World App Checklist

Image Credit: Mr. Matté

Last week, the unthinkable happened: I found myself waiting in line to use a payphone. In my confusion, I lost a few coins, ran out of money and, ultimately, had the whole thing documented by The Wall Street Journal. The article points to my payphone befuddlement, stating: “The magazine editor had never really trained her Warby Parker eyeglasses on the contraptions.” To start, I must set the record straight: They’re Jean LaFont, not Warby Parker.

But seriously: I had never used a payphone before last week because I was never in need of one. After Hurricane Sandy, residents of downtown New York City learned the importance of the corded classic.

That said, if you’ve got cell service in the middle of a disaster, the payphone’s hot great-grandchild, the iPhone, is much, much more useful. Here, some apps that could save your life:

Payphone Finder: Find phones closest to you. We know the NYC ones have appreciated all of the recent attention. A Twitter was even started for Post-Sandy Payphones.

Gas Buddy: If there’s a gas shortage in your area, tap this app for updates on station deliveries.

Easy Battery Saver: Prolong your cell phone’s battery in case you need to use it for emergency calls.

Flashlight: It’s the most basic emergency device, but flashlights really do save the day. This app will help you navigate dark alleys and survive the zombie apocalypse (or at least a power outtage).

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