How to Tell Your Boss You’re Pregnant

Don’t be scared
It’s normal to feel nervous when broaching your pregnancy with your boss. But you shouldn’t worry that you will lose your job. It’s illegal for anyone to be fired because of pregnancy.

Figure out when to tell
It’s up to you when to disclose your pregnancy, but make sure to do it before it’s obvious. If you work with any hazardous materials, then you will need to tell your boss earlier so that your baby won’t be exposed to anything harmful. Otherwise, you may want to wait until after the first trimester, when the risk of miscarriage declines.

If you have a performance review coming up, it may be better to wait until that is completed before you tell. That way, your manager will see that pregnancy hasn’t affected your performance.

Tell your boss first
If you talk to any of your peers before your boss, word will get around and you will look unprofessional.

Keep up with your work
Unless you have extreme morning sickness or other medical issues, you should be able to continue to do your work as usual. Don’t play “pregnant princess,” and expect people to wait on you.

Know how your job will be affected
Does your due date coincide with a major project deadline? Do you need to change business travel plans? Figure out how to keep things ticking without you before talking with your boss.

Research your company’s policies
Know corporate policies for maternity leave as well as leave for doctor’s appointments. Does your company offer unpaid or paid leave? How long are you able to be out before you have to return?

Tell your boss in private
Don’t break the news at a water cooler. Ask your boss for a few private words, or invite her for lunch. Approach your boss when she isn’t rushing around or in a terrible mood.

Talk about maternity leave
You may not know how soon you will want to return to work. Let your boss know how you can help someone take over your work while you’re on leave.


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