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McDonald’s Is Bringing Back Its Popular Adult Happy Meals in December

This adult Happy Meal has brand-new McNugget toys!

We Ordered All 8 McDonald’s Sauces to Find the Best One

I used to be overwhelmed by the number of McDonald's sauces on the menu, then I ordered every one so...

How to Get Free Fries at McDonald’s Every Friday Through 2023

We know what we're doing for lunch on Friday!

McDonald’s Halloween Bucket Happy Meals Will Be Coming Back This Year

It's not Halloween without a McDonald's Boo Bucket!

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13 Polite Habits That Fast-Food Employees Secretly Dislike

Making a fast-food faux pas is no fun! Here's a look at the most common friendly mistakes—and what to do...

McDonald’s Is Creating a Spinoff Restaurant—Here’s Everything We Know

Hint: Your favorite McDonald's-craving alien is about to make an epic return

McDonald’s Announces a Major Menu Change—Here’s What’s Leaving and Why

It's time to say goodbye to three much-loved McCafe bakery items

How to Reheat McDonald’s Fries at Home

If you've got leftovers from your last trip to the Golden Arches, here's how to reheat McDonald's fries at home

The Most Trusted Fast-Food Restaurants in America—and the Least Trusted

You might be surprised to find out which spot consumers trust the least!

Robots May Be Making Your Tacos in the Near Future—At Least That’s Chipotle’s Plan

What you need to know about Chippy the tortilla-making robot, as well as restaurants run by artificial intelligence

McDonald’s Just Launched an Adult Happy Meal—Here’s What’s in It

Happy Meals used to be just for kids, but McDonald's new adult Happy Meal has changed the rules

You Should Only Order Large Fries at McDonald’s—Here’s Why

It's the best deal in the world of fast-food fries

The Surprising History of the Humble Hamburger

The hamburger origin story takes a long path over oceans and across continents to become the beloved sandwich we know...

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Things You Probably Didn’t Know About McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets

Learn how heart attacks and onion snacks led to one of the chain's best-selling items of all time.

This Is Why Coke Tastes Better at McDonald’s Than Anywhere Else

It's not in your head. It actually is different than other fountain sodas.

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This Is the Secret Ingredient Behind the Addictive Flavor of McDonald’s Fries

There's one ingredient in McDonald's fries that makes them so dang addictive—and it's not the salt. Find out what really...

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14 Ridiculous Reasons People Sued Fast-Food Chains

Too much ice! Not enough chicken! These customers had all sorts of complaints, and they wanted the offending notable fast-food...

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10 Fast-Food Scandals That Rocked the Industry

From the infamous hot coffee lawsuit to "Papa John"'s use of a racial slur, these major fast food faux pas...

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The Shocking Secret About Your Fast-Food Eggs

Your early morning bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich is made with a real egg. Right?

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McDonald’s Is Serving Free Fries Every Friday From Now Through June

The weekend just got so much better—kick it off right with free McDonald's fries!

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The Real Reason the McDonald’s Logo Is Yellow and Red

There’s a little bit of science behind why the golden arches are golden.

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This Fast-Food Chain Makes More Money Per Store Than McDonald’s

McDonald's as a corporation might dominate the fast-food market, but when you break it down by store, its restaurants actually...