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Who’s rolling out a must-try goodie? What should you know before heading to that trendy grocery store? Stay on top of all the big (and small) news about your favorite major restaurants, supermarkets, and franchises.

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    The Best Thanksgiving Dish for You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

    Can your zodiac sign predict the Thanksgiving dish you love to cook and gobble up?

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    Here’s What’s Really in an Impossible Burger

    There's one key ingredient that makes the seemingly impossible possible.

    22 Must-Try Foods at Disney World

    Walt Disney World is often called the most magical place on Earth, but it could just as easily be called...

    The 12 Best Wineries in Napa Valley to Visit Now

    Sip, sip, hurray! Raise a (tasting) glass and say cheers to these stunning vineyards in California's Sonoma and Napa Valley.

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    10 Food Container Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About

    These design features on common food containers are genius!

    25 Places to Get Veterans Day Free Meals in 2021

    Find out where our current and former service members can score Veterans Day free meals as a small thank-you for...

    Is It Safe to Eat Expired Eggs?

    Has that carton of eggs been languishing in your fridge? If the egg expiration date has passed, don't rush to...

    This Is the Safest Temperature for Your Refrigerator

    Keep your food fresh longer—and help prevent foodborne illnesses—by keeping your refrigerator humming at the right temperature.

    This Is Why Most Grocery Stores Don’t Have Windows

    Grocery stores have a few tricks up their sleeve.

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    Is It Safe to Eat Sprouted Potatoes?

    You’re about to start cooking dinner when you notice some unwelcome sprouts on your potatoes. Are sprouted potatoes still safe...

    Here’s How Long Milk Really Lasts—And How to Make It Last Longer

    We've all seen a milk sell-by date and formed our own opinions on if it's good or bad. But how...

    This Is What the Numbers on a Toaster Really Mean

    Using the number dial on your toaster should be simple, but this kitchen appliance isn't as easy as 1-2-3.

    8 Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers for a Perfect Cup of Joe

    Whoever said money can't buy happiness has never enjoyed an icy cup of coffee on a hot summer day. Make...

    What Does Kit Kat Stand For?

    This candy bar has been popular since 1935, and today, it's a top-tier Halloween treat. But what does Kit Kat...

    Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Use Aluminum Foil for Leftovers

    Turns out, aluminum foil is not ideal for storing leftovers. Here's why, and what you should be using instead.

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    13 Polite Habits That Fast-Food Employees Secretly Dislike

    Making a fast-food faux pas is no fun! Here's a look at the most common friendly mistakes—and what to do...

    If You See Red Stuff on Your Lettuce, This Is What It Is

    Have you discovered red stuff on your lettuce? Here's what it is and why it's there in the first place.

    If Your Chocolate Looks “Dusty,” This Is What It Is

    Turns out, there's a scientific reason why chocolate can look dusty. Here's what it is, and why you shouldn't be...

    If You See a Blue Twist Tie on Your Bread Bag, This Is What It Means

    That twist tie on your bread bag can tell you a lot about your loaf.

    If You See an Indent at the Bottom of a Wine Bottle, This Is What It Means

    Have you noticed wine bottles come with an indent at the bottom? Sip back and relax as we uncover fact...

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    What Hotel Buffets Look Like Now, Post-Pandemic

    Plated meals, an increased reliance on waitstaff, and higher costs may become the new normal for this popular hotel staple.

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    Why Can’t You Find Grape Ice Cream?

    Ever wonder why you can find grape ice pops, but not grape ice cream?

    This Video Shows You How to Dice Onions Without a Knife—But Does It Really Work?

    This hack promises the best way to dice an onion. But is it too good to be true?

    Here’s What Those Colored Circles on Food Packages Actually Mean

    Wondering what those colored circles on food packages really mean? The answer is more technical than you might think.

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    Here’s Why There Are 10 Hot Dogs in a Pack, but Only 8 Buns

    I'll never understand why this wasn't fixed a long time ago!

    The Hidden Detail on the Baskin Robbins Logo You Never Noticed Before

    Can you spot the Baskin Robbins logo's clever "secret"?

    The Best Dessert in Every State

    Apple pie belongs to all 
of us, but every region has its signature treat. With help from our friends at...