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Who’s rolling out a must-try goodie? What should you know before heading to that trendy grocery store? Stay on top of all the big (and small) news about your favorite major restaurants, supermarkets, and franchises.

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    11 Ways You Never Realized You’re Reading Food Labels Wrong

    Registered dietitians and nutritionists break down common misleading nutrition labels and offer tips for food shopping.

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    If You Don’t Eat a Banana Every Day, This Might Convince You to Start

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Not so much. Try this fruit, instead.

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    3 Foods That Are Actually OK to Eat Moldy (and 5 That Are Definitely Not)

    If you see mold on food that's been lingering in your fridge, your first thought is probably to automatically toss...

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    8 Things You Never Knew About the Wendy’s Frosty

    The frozen treat was intentionally made to be eaten with a spoon.

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    Is It Safe to Cook with Sprouted Potatoes?

    So you’re about to start dinner when you notice some unwelcome potato sprouts. Are they still safe to eat?

    16 Places Where Veterans Can Eat for Free on Veterans Day

    Find out where our current and former service members can score Veterans Day free meals as a small thank-you for...

    This Map Shows the Best Coffee Cities Across America

    Here's where to find happy coffee lovers across the country.

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    This Is What Happens If You Accidentally Eat Mold

    It's tempting to cut away mold and eat the rest of your food. Not so fast! Experts explain what happens...

    How to Steep the Perfect Cup of Tea Every Time

    There's an art to brewing tea that you'll wish you'd known all along.

    This Hack Will Make Opening Your Coffee Creamer So Much Easier

    This TikTok hack gets coffee creamer open in a second.

    8 Air Fryer Cooking Tips You Need to Know

    New to air fryer recipes? Here are a few secrets for success.

    16 Foods You Shouldn’t Put in the Blender

    Blenders can be an amazing kitchen asset, letting you blend everything from soups to dips to smoothies. But for all...

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    Costco Is Selling Hot Cocoa Bombs That Explode with Marshmallows

    The hot cocoa bombs we fell in love with on TikTok are now available at Costco... in a 16-pack!

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    13 Polite Habits That Fast Food Employees Secretly Dislike

    Making a fast food faux pas is no fun! Here's a look at the most common friendly mistakes—and what to...

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    13 Foods You Should Never Eat Past the Expiration Date

    Think the sniff test can protect you from foodborne illness? Not when these items are involved.

    This Is How Long Cooked Chicken Is Good for in the Fridge

    You should be safe for this window of time.

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    Here’s How to Shop for Your Whole Thanksgiving at Costco

    This year, you don't have to go to store after store for all your Turkey Day goods. Grab this Thanksgiving...

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    This Is Why Coke Tastes Better at McDonald’s Than Anywhere Else

    It actually IS different than other soda fountains.

    The Best Mayonnaise Brands According to a Taste Test

    Before you make your next sandwich or potato salad, find out what's really the best mayonnaise out there. Our sister...

    How Long Does Milk Last? Milk Sell-By Dates Explained

    We've all seen a milk sell-by date and formed our own opinions on if it's good or bad. But how...

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    What Happens When You Eat Avocado Every Day

    Yes, avocadoes taste amazing. But you'll be pleasantly surprised at what they can do for your heart, mind, and skin.

    8 Surprising Things You Can Make in an Air Fryer…and 6 You Can’t

    It's been touted as the healthiest method to cook fried foods. Our sister site Taste of Home compiled a list...

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    The Disney Parks Food to Try Based on Your Zodiac Sign

    From Aries to Pisces, discover which Disney Parks food you need to snack on while visiting the parks.

    The Downside of Almond Milk People Aren’t Talking About

    Almond milk is increasingly popular, but you'll want to read this before adding it to your next cup of coffee.

    11 Foods You Won’t Have to Ever Worry About Expiring

    These foods have found the fountain of eternal youth.

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    13 Ridiculous Reasons People Sued Fast-Food Chains

    Too much ice! Not enough chicken! These customers had all sorts of complaints, and they wanted the offending notable fast-food...