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Who’s rolling out a must-try goodie? What should you know before heading to that trendy grocery store? Stay on top of all the big (and small) news about your favorite major restaurants, supermarkets, and franchises.

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If You’ve Been Craving Your Favorite Childhood Candy, Here’s Where You Can Get Your Swee...

You might not see Charleston Chews, Bazooka Bubble Gum, or B B Bats in supermarket aisles anymore, but you can...

Here’s What You Need to Know About the BRAT Diet

It's not for weight loss and it's not for misbehaving children.

Science Has Discovered the Perfect Length of Time To Dunk Your Oreo

Eating snacks for science, it was an action that needed to be taken.

Move Over, Kale Smoothie. This Is the New Trendy Health Drink You Should Try

What you should know about the latest Instagrammable detox drink.

There’s a Scientific Reason Behind Salting Your Pasta Water

Hint: It has to do with the boiling point.

Move Over, Kale: This Is the Most Nutritious Vegetable You Can Eat

Put away that spinach salad, folks. There’s a new superfood in town.

Finally! A Definition of What All Those Crazy Cooking Terms Mean

Ready to start cooking? Learn to decode common cooking terms and ensure that recipes turn out right, time after time.

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These U.K. Fast Food Restaurants Had Fecal Matter In Their Drinks

Yet another (but definitely more gross) reason to skip the drink order at the fast food window.

This Is Why Bacon Tastes SO Much Better in Britain

It may be time to redirect our bacon love and follow the chewier, thicker example of our British cousins.

Not to Gross You Out, but There Might Be Fecal Matter in Your Coffee

Does that mean you need to give up your cold brew obsession?

We Just Found out How Brussels Sprouts Are Grown and We’ll Never Be the Same

You NEED to see what a Brussels sprout plant looks like.

You’ve Been Serving Ice Cream at the Wrong Temperature This Whole Time

With summer here, you'll want to break out your favorite scoop and all those yummy toppings, but first, learn the...

Don’t Feel Guilty About Your Chocolate Addiction—Your Heart Might Just Be Better for It

You heart chocolate, and it hearts you back: Turns out the dark stuff can keep your ticker pumping steadily.

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Herbs Fresh You Didn’t Know You Needed

Fresh herbs can bring any dish to the next level—unless they wilt before you can use them. Here are tricks...

What’s the Difference Between Club Soda, Seltzer Water, and Tonic Water?

They're all clear and bubbly and mix well with other beverages, but don't get them confused.

8 Delicious Ways Trying a Meal Delivery Service Will Change the Way You Cook

A meal-kit service may seem like the Cliff's Notes of cooking, but you'd be surprised at the valuable lessons you...

Boozy Milkshakes Are Here to Make Your Dreams Come True

Slurp responsibly and thank us later!

Tea for You: The Best Tea for Every Mood

A cup of tea is always a good idea, but how do you find the exact right blend for your...