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22 Ways to Use Everything Bagel Seasoning

You've tried Everything Bagel Seasoning on bagels, so what's next? Here are some of the most inventive ways to use it in your cooking!

Everything bagel seasoningTaste of Home

It's not just for bagels anymore

We all love an everything bagel. The perfect combination of sesame, onion, garlic, poppy seed and salt makes them a real treat (especially with a bit of cream cheese!). It's no wonder then that everything bagel seasoning blends are popping up all over! Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel seasoning blend is probably the most popular, and for just a few bucks, it's worth grabbing and then adding to all these dishes. No Trader Joe's nearby? You can buy the seasoning on Amazon.

Dried fruit and nuts trail mix with almonds, raisins, seeds and apples in a wooden bowlElena Veselova/Shutterstock

Include it in trail mix

Trail mix might be a healthy snack, but here's a way to make it a little more exciting. The tasty flavors of the poppy seeds, onions, and garlic in the Everything Bagel Seasoning is sure to give savory options an extra kick. Find a new favorite snack mix with these 18 easy recipes.

Taste of Home

Rub it on roast meat

Believe it or not, everything bagel seasoning makes an excellent rub for roast meat or a roasted chicken. When you're seasoning your joint before you put it in the oven, you should include some of this mix. Use olive oil or even butter to rub the seasoning onto the meat directly and then cook.

Fried eggs in a frying pan with cherry tomatoes and bread for breakfast on a black backgroundBorisKotov/Shutterstock

Use it on fried eggs

Looking for a new way to cook an egg at home? You might just have found it. When the eggs are frying in the pan, take a brief moment to sprinkle on some of the seasoning. If you time this right, you should find that the mix cooks inside the egg itself. Delicious. These are the frozen foods you should be buying from Trader Joe's.

Taste of Home

Mix it into coleslaw

One of the nation's favorite side dishes needs little introduction. However, there's a quick and easy way to improve on this added extra. Mixing a little of everything bagel mix into your coleslaw gives it a little pizazz. The savory flavors of the mix work perfectly in this crunchy side.

Chicken Salad. Chicken Caesar Salad.Avirut S/Shutterstock

Sprinkle it on salad

Ready to take your salad game to the next level? You might already use dressing to give your healthy dish some extra pizazz but how about adding some seasoning too. The garlic and pepper flavors of this mix are sure to give a new dimension to your food. Give it a go! These are the 19 foods nutritionists always buy at Trader Joe's.

A sprig of rosemary and the garlic cloves are roasted with butter in the pan.Milanchikov Sergey/Shutterstock

Combine it with butter

Love adding butter to your food? Don't we all! If you're looking for a way to make that salty taste even richer than before, you might just have found it. Heat up the butter in a pan (on low heat!) and then sprinkle in some of the seasoning. Slather the butter on whatever food you fancy. Yummy!

Garlic-Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Mustard SauceTaste of Home

Season roast vegetables

Roasting a tray of vegetables to go alongside some meat and potatoes? Nothing could be better. Adding a little of the everything seasoning to the tray (along with some oil) could be just the thing to give your greens that extra something. Be as generous as you dare.

Taste of Home

Add it to mac and cheese

There are few dishes are unashamedly comforting as mac and cheese! If you're making a homemade version of this classic, here's a quick way to step things up a notch. Before you add the top layer of cheese, sprinkle some Everything But the Bagel Seasoning onto the pasta. You won't regret this move! Here are some cheap things you should really only buy at Trader Joe's.

Taste of Home

Upgrade your Bloody Mary

A Bloody Mary is a classic cocktail that few of us can resist. Once you've stirred your drink to perfection, you need to make sure that you serve it properly. Many people like to put salt around the rim of the glass, but how about using seasoning instead? Everything bagel seasoning goes oh-so-well with tomato juice!

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