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15 American Food Festivals Worth a Pit Stop

Fuel up for the most unique (not to mention delicious!) summer food festivals across America.

Pieces of raw salmon oiled marinade with spices, lemon, spices and olive oil with brush on slate stone on a dark metallic background. View from above. Preparation for cooking fish food. Salmon steak.Dima Sikorsky/Shutterstock

Wenatchee River Salmon Festival

September 20–22
This three-day event in Washington is more than a festival devoted to salmon. It also celebrates the salmon's return to northwest rivers through a collaboration of Native American tribes. Held at Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery, the festival educates visitors on the importance of salmon in that region and, of course, showcases traditional salmon cooking.

A lot of red huckleberry berriesSleptsova/Shutterstock

Huckleberry Festival

August 10–12
You'd expect a city named Trout Creek to host a festival about a certain type of fish, but you'll still be "berry" excited about all the ways you can celebrate huckleberries in this Montana town. Food vendors sell this "purple gold" in ice cream, cheesecakes, drinks, and other special desserts.

no bake pies macadamia key lime pieTaste of Home

The Key Lime Festival

June 30–July 4
Head down to Key West, Florida, over the 4th of July weekend, and you'll find yourself surrounded by all things key lime. This annual festival features a Pie Hop (like a bar hop but, you know, with pie), cooking demonstrations, and the Mile High Key Lime Pie Eatin' Contest. Don't miss these top food festivals to visit in 2018.


Georgia Peach Festival

June 1–2 and June 9
When you've had your fill of key lime, head back up north for the Georgia Peach Festival, a celebration so big, it takes place in two cities (Fort Valley from June 1–2 and Byron on June 9). Learn about the state's most prized fruit, attend a concert, and grab a slice of the World's Largest Peach Cobbler.

Raw Organic Baby Gold Potatoes Ready to EatBrent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Potato Days Festival

August 24–25
Whether you like yours boiled, mashed, or turned into fries, this two-day festival in Minnesota has the perfect potatoes for you. Test your culinary athleticism at the mashed potato eating contest, a scavenger hunt in search of the Golden Potato, or mashed potato wrestling. Which is exactly what it sounds like. If that doesn't satisfy your palate, check out the best state fair in every single state.

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