20 Alternative Names You Never Knew for Common Kitchen Utensils

Slow cooker or Crock-Pot: What's the difference, exactly?

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To cut cake...


Other names for a cake server include a cake shovel and a pie cutter. It is used to cut slices in cakes and pies and features a thin slicing edge and a large face to lift and transfer cake or pie. This is the best hack for frosting a cake we've ever seen.

To make crème brûlée...


Blowtorches are handheld devices that allow you to easily apply flame and heat to items being prepared in your kitchen, and are most commonly used to make crème brûlée. Another oft-used name for the tool is blowlamp.

To pit cherries...


Cherry pitters utilize a small corkscrew that can be pushed through a cherry for relatively effortless removal of the pit. These tools can also be used on olives, hence their second name: olive stoner.

To work with dough...


Dough scrapers have wide faces and handles that make it easy to cut and shape dough, as well as scrape it from work surfaces. They are also called bench knives.

To beat eggs ...


To blend ingredients or incorporate air into a mixture, use this tool composed of multiple wire loops, known as a whisk or a beater. Need to beat eggs without a whisk? Here are clever substitutes for everyday kitchen gadgets.

To stop over boiling...

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The milk watcher was invented in 1938 and is inserted in the bottom of a pan to help regulate the temperature of heating liquids to prevent boiling over and burning of liquids, especially milk, which is notoriously fickle when exposed to heat. Another name for a milk watcher is a boil over preventer.

To mix food...

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Like a whisk, a rotary mixer, which uses multiple beaters driven by electricity to mix food, can also be called a beater.

To get rid of scales on fish...


A fish scaler is also known as urokotori because it is most commonly used in Japanese cuisine, and this is the literal Japanese translation of the phrase. It's used to remove scales from a fish before cooking. Here are 9 ways you've been cooking fish completely wrong.

To flip food...


While most of us refer to the tool we use to flip our pancakes as a spatula, other names for the utensil include turner or, oddly enough, a fish slice. This term comes from Great Britain, where the tool was originally used as serving tool for fish. Other uses have since been devised. These are sneaky pancake mistakes you might not realize you're making.

To cut into tiny slivers...

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A cheese grater may also be referred to as a shredder.

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