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13 Secrets Your Restaurant Menu Won’t Tell You

Here are the tricks your favorite eateries use to separate you from your money.

Businessman choosing food from menu and waitress taking his orderPressmaster/Shutterstock

Watch out for the chef's picks

Phrases like "chef’s recommendation" are a way of telling you, “Order this!” Restaurants use them to sell their more profitable items and draw you away from your go-to dishes, which may not make them as much money. By the way, these are the foods chefs never, ever order in restaurants.

Asian women looking at menu to order food while she wait her husband in bakery shopPanupong Thammachai/Shutterstock

Location, location, location

Restaurants use regional names to entice customers to order a particular dish, says Wansink. Want a good peach tart? Well, then, the peaches have to be from Georgia.

Restaurant owner helping a customer with the menu. Customer ordering food looking at the menu at the billing counter.Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

Brands build trust

Brand names in menu items confer a built-in trust and create a guarantee to diners that they will love the dish. Next, learn some simple ways to save money while eating out at a restaurant.

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Originally Published in Reader's Digest