7 Out-of-This-World PB&J Upgrades That Will Have You Drooling

There's something about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that puts a smile on everyone's face. So we thought we'd kick it up a notch and ask chefs across the country to take this all-American treat to the next level.

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Add a little kick

03_add-kick_Bacon-slab-01Courtesy Quality Eats

PB&J Redo: Grilled Nueske's Bacon with Peanut Butter and Jalapeño Jelly

Executive Chef: Ryan Bartlow, Quality Eats, New York City

Chef's Notes: "This buzzed-about appetizer is a playful, savory take on the humble PB&J. Smoky bacon, peanut butter, and jalapeño pepper jelly combine to form what tastes like an elevated yet balanced campfire dish." (Here's how PB&J ever became a thing.)

Give It a Crunch

02_PBJCourtesy Omni Hotels & Resorts

PB&J Redo: PB&J and Chips

Executive Chef: Camron Woods, Omni La Mansión, San Antonio, Texas

Chef's Notes: If you're serving chips on the side, you're doing it wrong. In Chef Wood's mouthwatering take on the classic, potato chips, peanut buttery goodness, and savory apple jelly come together in a killer combo you won't be able to pass up.

Transform your PB&J into a bowl

04_Jar_Bar_01907.jpgCourtesy Jason Little Photo

PB&J Redo: Twisted PB&J Acai Bowl

Chef: Karen Firsel, Jar Bar, Northbrook, Illinois

Chef's Notes: "I was working on the Jar Bar menu late night while my kids were sleeping and realized I had to make their lunches for school. As I was making their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I knew instantly that these flavors would translate to frozen acai. They are classic, they are delicious, and they are reminiscent of our childhood. The dark chocolate chips and chia compote is my disruption to what people would expect, and yet I still give them the old-school flavors they crave."

Rethink the flavor profile

05_Rethink_Peanut-Butter-Crunch-Burger-(square)---Credit-Gary-FX-LaMorte.jpgCourtesy Gary FX LaMorte

PB&J Redo: Peanut Butter Crunch Burger

Chef: Michael Mina, MGM Grand, Las Vegas

Chef's Notes: "I love toying with previous conceptions of pub grub, and this is a juicy patty topped with creamy peanut butter mixed with bacon jam, pimento cheese, and potato chips that recalls childhood snacks while dazzling taste buds!" Check out these other pro twists on the classic combo.

PB&J for breakfast? Yes, please.

06_Breakfast_image001.jpgCOURTESY KIRSH BAKERY & KITCHEN

PB&J Redo: PB&J Stuffed French Toast

Chef: Dan Kirsh, Kirsh Bakery & Kitchen, New York City

Chef's Notes: "I make a peanut butter mousse with Maldon sea salt and and housemade cherry jelly. I love this recipe because the sweet salty balance is what makes me want to eat this every day!"

Why not eat a PB&J sundae?

07_SundaeCourtesy Allison Jones

PB&J Redo: PB&J with PB cereal and vanilla custard

Chef: Tyler Malek, head ice cream maker, Wiz Bang Bar, Portland, Oregon

Chef's Notes: "This is a creation made with a toasted sweet bun, marionberry jam, and soft-serve vanilla custard topped with homemade peanut butter cereal. We're never going back to eating regular PB&Js!" Check out these other creative uses for peanut butter.

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