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32 Weird Kitchen Gadgets You Won’t Believe Are Really a Thing

Calling all wedding registries! These kitchen tools range from clever to downright ridiculous. Either way, it's pretty impressive they exist at all.


Carrot peeler and sharpener

This small kitchen gadget allows you to peel and sharpen carrots with ease ... in case you ever feel the need to make a weapon out of a carrot. Here are some gadgets that will help you break your bad habits.

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Hot dog slicer

A great choice for households with small children running around, this hot dog slicer features a quirky dachshund shape and a convenient condiment bowl. It cuts hot dogs without any blades, making it safe for little ones who always complain, "Why can't we eat a REAL dog?"

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Bear paw-imitating shredder claws

Named "Best BBQ Tool" by the National BBQ Association, these sharp imitation bear claws let you easily shred meats such as pork, chicken, and beef. Once your barbecue is done, you can just toss them in the dishwasher to clean.

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Condiment gun

Shaped like a snub-nose revolver as if to say "You BETTER like my cooking, Mom," this condiment gun will add some excitement to every summer barbecue. It comes with two reusable “cartridges” so you need not worry about running out of ammo.

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Stuffed burger press

This nifty tool will allow you to craft perfectly shaped burgers crammed with whatever crazy ingredients you can envision. The ball's in your court, turducken.

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Microwave bacon rack

Tired of all the effort that goes into frying bacon on the stove? This clever creation allows you to cook your bacon in the microwave while removing some of the fat that accompanies the consumption of this delicious breakfast food. Make sure you know these 25 brilliant kitchen shortcuts.

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Dumpling cube

If making your own dumplings at home has always seemed like a daunting task, it just became a breeze with this convenient tool, which creates four perfectly-shaped dumplings at a time.

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Golden Goose egg scrambler

Give your guests the pleasure of peeling. This invention allows users to scramble eggs without ever removing them from the shell. After using, simply peel off the shell layer and cut the egg up with your fork to enjoy delicious scrambled eggs.

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GarlicZoom Garlic Chopper

Chopping garlic is universally recognized as one of the most irritating and tedious culinary tasks. This garlic chopper removes potential frustration and makes chopping garlic a quick and easy task. Just place garlic inside the plastic ball on the top of the gadget and roll the wheels vigorously over any surface.

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Citrus juice sprayer

This simple yet genius tool will transform any citrus fruit into a lovely and convenient source of juice spray. Goes well on salads and armpits.

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