What the Super Bowl Players Really Eat

healthy superbowlWhile Super Bowl Sunday might as well be known as National Nacho Day, the players themselves don’t get to chow down on chips and burgers. So while we’re eating wings, Ohio Nachos, and everything cheesy, here’s what the guys on the field are putting on their plates:

The Ravens fill up on a “Power Man Salad” that’s packed with things like romaine lettuce, hard boiled eggs, a rainbow of veggies, brown rice, almonds, and just a little olive oil and vinegar—or even just a squeeze of lemon. Everything “white” is off the menu: white bread, pasta, etc. Tater tots are made with sweet potatoes and baked, not fried—and fried is one verboten word for team meals. And that freezer full of ice cream treats? Gone from sight. Friday was traditionally Pizza day, but that’s now nixed too, in favor of healthier options.

The 49ers put out a healthy menu as well: chicken, whole grains, and a salad bar. Some players will only eat organic whole grains, meat, and vegetables. Before a big game like the Super Bowl, the routine barely changes: filet mignon, whole grains, and vegetables.

Of course, some players still eat like, well, football players: Ravens guard Marshal Yanda starts the day with pancakes, hash browns, steak, strawberries, and large glasses of OJ. The 49er’s Head of Logistics, Steve Rissel, says in his case, it’s the newbies who go overboard: “The vets will load up on salads and vegetables and lean meats and the rookies get excited; they see all the food and pile it on.”

Hmmm. I say it just makes that ooey, gooey, double-cheeseburger dip that you get to enjoy this weekend all the more delicious. Sorry, NFL players!

Photo credit: © Jupiterimages/liquidlibrary/Thinkstock

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