The REAL Reason Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Tastes So Darn Good

These cattle are far from rattled.

Here’s-the-REAL-Reason-to-Why-Your-Ben-&-Jerry’s-Ice-Cream-Tastes-So-Darn-Good-via-benjerry.comvia benjerry.comMillennials, the largest demographic entering the workforce, care more about job perks and benefits than previous generations. So it might be in the best of interest of most 20-somethings to look into making a career change into the lucrative field of being a dairy cow for Ben & Jerry’s.

The cows that make the 60 some-odd different flavors of the Vermont-based creamery are pampered throughout their entire tenure with the company.  The cows go through an animal welfare program, are part of a thorough herd health care plan, and aren’t subjected to tail docking.

A push for better livestock has been swelling in recent years, with companies like Perdue and Green Valley Organics leading the pack in humane animal treatment. But Ben & Jerry take it to a whole other level:

Ben & Jerry’s cows get massages.

Relaxing on the couch after a long day of work with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s is great and all,  but pales in comparison to a massage.

The massages are done by machines, so searching LinkedIn for the job title of “Meadow Masseuse” will probably turn up sparse results.  

If Ben & Jerry’s is looking to lean into the positive press for their superb cow treatment, the tagline “Tension-Free Ice Cream” is still up for grabs, copyright-wise.  

In the meantime, go grab a pint of your favorite ice cream, ideally at this temperature, and enjoy! Better yet, here’s how to make your own ice cream—without an ice cream maker.

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