Healthy Eating

Eating smart doesn’t have to be a chore. We’ve got plenty of helpful tips, complete with advice from trusted nutritionists, for making good (and tasty) choices when it comes to your food.

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    Here’s the Secret to Getting Super Tender Meat Every Time You Grill

    Brining is a great strategy for keeping lean meats moist. But does that mean you should brine everything before it hits the grill?

    Eat Before or After Exercise? Science Finally Has the Answer

    It's been one of the biggest unanswered questions in the fitness world—until now.

    14 Kid Foods You Should Still Be Eating

    That silly kid stuff can still meet your needs—maybe even better than your usual snacks. Tap your inner child with...

    12 Best Keto Foods to Buy at Trader Joe’s

    You can stock your fridge and pantry with plenty of low-carb and keto-friendly foods at this favorite stop. These are...

    How to Make an Apple Cider Vinegar Drink (and Why You Should)

    You've probably read about drinking apple cider vinegar for its health benefits—you may also have heard it can be harmful....

    Eating This Much Meat a Day Could Seriously Shorten Your Lifespan

    A new study will make you rethink eating a lot of red meat.

    13 Foods That Are Naturally High in Digestive Enzymes

    Digestive enzymes help your gut break down foods and deliver healthy vitamins, minerals, protein, and more to your body.

    Brown Sugar vs. White Sugar: Which One Is Better for You?

    Both are super if you have a sweet tooth...but which one is better for your health?

    14 Foods Everyone Over 50 Should Probably Be Eating

    Nutrition requires a little extra attention as you get older—in part because disease risk increases with age, as does the...

    10 Better-for-You Butter Substitutes You Need in Your Kitchen

    Cut the saturated fat and keep the rich flavor with these healthy butter substitutes!

    How Long Is It Safe to Stay on the Keto Diet?

    This high-fat, low-carb eating plan has its fans—and detractors. Here's what the experts say about eating keto for the long-term.

    14 Questions Nutritionists Get Asked the Most

    Is gluten-free food healthier? Is low-carb the only way to lose weight? Is sugar the devil's food? You have questions....

    10 Foods That Can Reduce Your Risk of Colon Cancer

    Colon cancer rates are rising, and the disease is striking adults at a younger age. But risk factors like weight...

    11 “Healthy” Foods That Nutritionists Won’t Touch

    They sound healthy, they look healthy—but are they? Nutritionists help us distinguish between the "looks good" food to the truly...

    14 Foods That Have More Protein Than an Egg

    If you're looking to increase your daily protein intake, add these foods to your diet.

    13 Foods Nutritionists Always Eat at Buffets

    A free-for-all of your guiltiest food pleasures can put your willpower to the test, but loading up on these healthy...

    The 20 Most Popular Superfood Supplements Ordered on Amazon

    Here's a guide to Amazon's bestselling superfood supplements, including what they do and why you might consider adding them to...

    Here’s What Potatoes Wish You Knew

    If potatoes could talk, this is what they would tell you about being the world's dream starch.

    32 Vegetarian Meals Ready in 30 Minutes or Less

    Whether you do Meatless Mondays or you're a full vegetarian, these recipes from registered dietitian nutritionists offer quick and nutritious...

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    The Healthiest Party Foods to Buy at Costco

    When planning a party, Costco's bulk buys are a big help—especially if they're healthy choices. Skip the super caloric nibbles...

    Here’s Why Most People Should NOT Eat Gluten-Free

    Going gluten-free has become a health trend. But if you don't have celiac disease, and aren't gluten-sensitive, it might not...

    The Serious Reason You Need to Get Your Omega-3 Levels Tested

    These healthy fats may help head off heart disease and other ailments, but most of us don't come close to...

    15 Superfoods to Help You Lose Weight

    Eating to drop pounds is a dieter's dream. You can actually do it with these nutritionist-approved picks that live up...

    What These 6 Fit Women Actually Eat for Breakfast—and, No, They Don’t Skip It!

    They opt for healthy breakfast ideas that keep them fit and energized.

    21 Healthier Versions of Your Favorite Junk Foods

    Everyone loves a sweet treat or a good salty crunch, but we also like zipping up our pants. Jennifer Bowers,...

    These Common Foods Can Help Treat (and Prevent!) Gut Diseases, Including Colon Cancer

    Eating the right kind of foods could help tame gut diseases like colon cancer and Crohn's, suggests a brand new...