How to Eat Sushi

How to Eat SushiMartin Diebel/Corbis
To up your sushi satisfaction, follow these tips from Masaharu Morimoto, one of Food Network’s Iron Chefs and the owner of restaurants in New York, Philadelphia, and Mumbai:

1. Dip the right end. When eating nigiri sushi (a slice of seafood draped over a small mound of rice), lightly dip the fish—not the rice—into soy sauce to best enjoy the flavor.

2. Eat in order. Eat from light to dark. To appreciate the flavors of each type of fish, start with mild, light-colored varieties before progressing to fattier, bolder-tasting dark fish.

3. Use wasabi wisely. If the chef hasn’t already added wasabi to your sushi, smear it directly onto the fish or roll. Don’t dilute wasabi’s kick by mixing it into your soy sauce.

4. Cleanse your palate. Don’t put pickled ginger on your sushi. Instead, eat it between bites to prepare your taste buds for what’s next.

5. Forgo chopsticks. Sushi originated as a street food, and it’s still acceptable to eat it with your fingers if you prefer.

6. Don’t nibble. Sushi chefs carefully choose the proportions of fish, rice, and wasabi in each piece—eat it in one bite.

–Beth Dreher

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