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The Most Popular Dessert the Year You Were Born

You might be a Bananas Foster baby—or were you born in the year of Hummingbird Cake? Take a look back at 60 marvelous years of dessert trends. They're our birthday gift to you!

1940: Bread PuddingTaste of Home

1940: Bread Pudding

When I really want to impress guests, I serve this decadent bread pudding. With just a few staple ingredients—bread, eggs, sugar, and chocolate—I'm able to turn out this masterpiece in no time! —Erin Chilcoat, Smithtown, New York

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1941: Pecan PieTaste of Home

1941: Pecan Pie


I absolutely love pecans. I combine them with maple and vanilla to create the ultimate tart, made even richer with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. —Redawna Kalynchuk, Barrhead, Alberta

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1942: GingerbreadTaste of Home

1942: Gingerbread

I asked my mother-in-law for this recipe once I learned it's my husband's favorite. Now I bake it whenever he needs an extra-special treat. Spice cake topped with lemony sauce makes us both smile. —Kristen Oak, Pocatello, Idaho. Check out the beautiful dessert that's been pinned more than 270,000 times.

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1943: Pineapple Upside-Down CakeTaste of Home

1943: Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

This pineapple upside-down cake is a classic recipe that never goes out of style! It’s delicious with the traditional pineapple, but try it with peaches or a combination of cranberries and orange. —Bernardine Melton, Paola, Kansas. 

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1944: Mincemeat PieTaste of Home

1944: Mincemeat Pie

My daughter won the grand champion title at the Alaska State Fair with these bars when she was 10. The topping is delicious but a bit crumbly—for neatly edged cookies, freeze before cutting. —Mary Bohanan, Sparks, Nevada

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1945: Lazy Daisy CakeTaste of Home

1945: Lazy Daisy Cake

We always called this Mama's "never fail" recipe. I guess the same holds true for me since I've entered this cake in contests and won with it. This tasty dessert is popular in our family, and it always brings back fond memories of Mama. —Carrie Bartlett, Gallatin, Tennessee. Find out the surprising birthplace of your favorite foods and drinks.

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1946: Brown BettyTaste of Home

1946: Brown Betty

If I had to define the "Betty" of Apple Brown Betty, she'd be a smart and thrifty Southern gal with a knack for creating simple, soul-comforting desserts. In this sweet dish, spiced apples are slow-cooked between layers of cinnamon-raisin bread cubes for a wonderful twist on the traditional oven-baked classic. —Heather Demeritte, Scottsdale, Arizona

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1947: Molasses CookiesTaste of Home

1947: Molasses Cookies

My family always requests these soft molasses cookies. These chewy molasses cookies are also great for shipping as holiday gifts or to troops overseas. —Kristine Chayes, Smithtown, New York

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1948: Chiffon CakeTaste of Home

1948: Chiffon Cake

This moist, airy chiffon cake was my dad's favorite. Mom revamped the original recipe to include lemons. I'm not much of a baker, but whenever I make this dessert my family is thrilled! —Trisha Kammers, Clarkston, Washington. Find out the fried chicken recipe that has been viewed more than 200,000 times.

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A glass trifle bowl with 7-Layer Gelatin SaladTaste of Home

1949: Jell-O Salad

Here's an eye-catching salad that my mother makes for Christmas dinner each year. You can choose different flavors to make other color combinations for specific holidays or other gatherings. —Jan Hemness, Stockton, Missouri

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