We can’t live without it, but we think food should be a source of joy in your life, too! From favorite recipes to shopping tips, you’ll get your fill of food advice here.

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    If You See a Bag of White Skittles, This Is What It Means

    Skittles is giving up its rainbow for a good cause.

    Why Are Lollipop Sticks Hollow? This Is the Answer

    It has to do with keeping the candy stable—and another very helpful safety feature.

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    3 Things You Won’t See in Costco Anymore

    As the COVID-19 pandemic eases in the U.S., some stores are starting to ease restrictions—and Costco is no exception. But...

    Black Diamond Apples Cost at Least $7 Each—Here’s Why

    Both the Black Diamond apple and the Arkansas Black apple have otherworldly purple-black skin. But one type is much easier...

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    How to Avoid Germs When Grocery Shopping

    Before you head out to the grocery store, read up on these expert guidelines to ensure your safety.

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    This Restaurant Is America’s Favorite Pizza Chain

    People really love the authenticity of this chain.

    The Cream Cheese Brands You Should Be Buying, According to the Pros

    There are lots of cream cheese brands out there. The Taste of Home Test Kitchen tried the most popular ones...

    7 Slurpee Facts for Free Slurpee Day 2021

    July 11th is Free Slurpee Day! Get the scoop on the famous drink before that brainfreeze sets in.

    The Only Types of Cookware You Should Use

    Worried about chemicals in your kitchen? These cookware options will keep you safe—and deliver the most delicious results for every...

    The Best Brownie Mix Brands, According to Pro Bakers

    Taste of Home's Test Kitchen sampled nine brands to find the best brownie mix brands. Trust us, these top picks...

    11 Things in Your Refrigerator You Should Toss Out

    Doing a weekly food purge saves room in your fridge. It can also save you from a stomachache—or worse.

    This Viral Video Shows You How to Whisk the Right Way

    Why didn't anyone tell me I was doing it wrong?!

    This Viral Video Shows You a Trick to Soften Butter in Minutes

    You'll never need to cream cold butter again. Just use this quick trick to soften butter!

    Your New Favorite Bread Recipe Has Only 2 Ingredients

    You can make a two-ingredient quick bread in only 30 minutes!

    How to Order from the Starbucks Secret Menu

    You've heard of the crazy creative drinks that make up the Starbucks secret menu—but how exactly do you order them?...

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    15 Things You Should Always Buy at Aldi

    Run, don't walk, over to Aldi for some amazing deals.

    If You See a Yellow Cap on Coca-Cola, This Is What It Means

    Find out what yellow cap Coke bottles mean and why they appear only once a year.

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    15 Easiest Vegetables to Grow at Home

    Don't have a green thumb? Don't worry! These veggies are so easy to grow, even beginners will end up with...

    The Best Deli in Every State

    We found the best deli in every state, based on reviews and hat tips from Taste of Home's Field Editors....

    Is Your Freezer Set to the Right Temp?

    Love to store make-ahead meals in your freezer? Be sure that your food stays fresh by finding the right average...

    How to Ripen Avocados in Just 2 Minutes

    All you need is plastic wrap and a microwave. And an avocado.

    What Is SPAM, Anyway?

    It's gained a bit of a reputation as a mystery meat, but its recipe is actually pretty simple!

    This Is the Easiest Way to Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs

    No more mess! We'll show you how to peel a hard-boiled egg quickly and easily.