We can’t live without it, but we think food should be a source of joy in your life, too! From favorite recipes to shopping tips, you’ll get your fill of food advice here.

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    30 No-Bake Pie Recipes You’ll Want to Make Tonight

    These scrumptious pies are a cinch to make, and no oven required!

    5 Secrets About Being a Professional Chocolate Taster

    Eating chocolate for a living may seem like the sweetest way to earn a paycheck, but one professional chocolate taster...

    20 Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes You’ll Want to Make Over and Over

    These ooey-gooey cookie recipes are bound to become household staples. Which one is your family's favorite?

    8 Snackable Cereal Facts Every Cereal Addict Needs

    Grab your bowl and spoon and come celebrate National Cereal Day.

    Secret Steps to Making the Perfect Sandwich

    These are the seven layers every perfect, mouthwatering sammie needs.

    Perks of a Plant-Based Diet: 12 Powerful Nutrients That Slay Disease

    Here’s a guide to the most important and well-studied phytochemicals found in vegetables and fruits, and their potential amazing health...

    6 Foods That Trick Your Taste Buds

    Why grapefruit and salt make sense together ... and chocolate and yogurt DON'T.

    5 Energizing Breakfast Bowls That Will Keep You Full All Morning

    Up your healthy breakfast game with these easy breakfast bowls.

    5 Ways to Protect Your Arteries From a Fatty Meal

    High-fat meals can constrict arteries for hours, reducing blood flow. If you can't give up grill time, this advice from...

    Cook Perfect Eggs: 4 Breakfast Tricks You’ll Want to Use Over and Over

    Cook better fried eggs, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, and omelets for a breakfast that starts your morning sunny side up.

    Here’s Why Popcorn Pops

    Plus: slow-motion footage of the miracle at work.

    Bust a Lunch Rut: 7 Deliciously Healthy Sandwich Combinations to Try

    Mix up your lunch routine with these creative (and healthy) takes on classic sandwich recipes.

    You Need to Start Eating Avocado Toast! Plus 7 Other Yummy Toast Toppings to Try

    Whether its an impressive party appetizer or a simple afternoon snack, these delicious toast recipes show how versatile a single...

    Yay for National Donut Day! 5 Obscenely Decadent Ways to Eat Donuts

    Warning: Could cause extreme mouth-watering. Once you try a delicious spin on the classic donut, you may never go back.

    7 Mini Meals You Can Make In a Muffin Tin

    Sometimes the tastiest foods come in small packages. These adorable recipes prove that your muffin tins should be a kitchen...

    6 Simple Eating Habits of People Who Live to 100

    Centenarians in the Blue Zones—locations around the globe known for longevity and good health—follow daily rituals around food and meals....

    These 7 Genius Flavored Ice Cubes Will Change Your Drinks Forever

    Want to refresh your cold drinks? Serve creative iced teas, seltzers, and cocktails with these brilliant ice cubes. (And don’t...

    10 Cute, Creative Birthday Cake Alternatives

    Instead of blowing out the candles on a traditional birthday cake this year, why not celebrate with these deliciously fun...

    How to Cut a Mango? Dice an Avocado? 8 Clever Shortcuts to Peel and Slice

    Speed up your cooking with these quick tricks to peel, slice, dice, and shuck your fruits and veggies more easily.

    Food on a Stick! 9 Tasty Party Appetizers You Didn’t Know You Could Skewer

    Hello, hostess with the mostess: These classic party appetizers get a cool upgrade when you simply serve them on a...

    10 Delicious Desserts From McCormick®

    Try cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and more great recipes from our sponsor, McCormick®.

    Cake in a Mug: 7 Absolutely Adorable Recipes

    Who says you need a crowd for a cake? It's a snap to make one of these incredibly satisfying, microwaveable...

    6 of Johnny Iuzzini’s Most Decadent Desserts

    Making these restaurant-quality desserts at home is easy with the help of James Beard Award-winning pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini.

    5 Refreshing Cocktails That Taste Like Fall

    Up your drinks game with these hip fall cocktails from the book Shake.

    7 Authentic Thai Recipes Any Home Cook Can Master

    If you crave the taste of authentic Thai recipes, try creating these restaurant-quality Thai dishes from Leela Punyaratabandhu.

    Easy Desserts With On-Hand Ingredients

    If you have a few kitchen basics in the pantry, you should be able to make these easy, delicious desserts...

    Grandma’s Lost Recipes, Found: The Best of Her Baked Goods

    It's like having Nana in the kitchen with her treasured recipe box of time-tested recipes that bake up the most...