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31 Delicious Grill Ideas for the Best Summer BBQ

These mouthwatering grilling recipes will have your neighbors begging for you to invite them over for dinner.

Board with delicious fried shrimp skewers, lime and garlic on wooden background, top viewNew Africa/Shutterstock

Sweet-and-Sour Skewered Shrimp

These delicious shrimp and pepper kabobs are sure to spice up your next barbecue. Give these 9 party appetizer kabobs a try, because food is just better when it's on a stick.

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Pork cutlet on a bone with gremolat sauce.Lesya Dolyuk/Shutterstock

Orange Picante Pork Chops

A quick marinade spices up these chops. For more intense flavor, prepare them the night before and refrigerate until you're ready to grill.

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Tasty turkey burgers on wooden boardAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Basil Turkey Burgers

The turkey mayonnaise combo makes this a superb substitute for traditional beef burgers.

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Small Meat Cutlets or Sausage Patties. Selective focus.alisafarov/Shutterstock

Tortilla Burgers

This fresh take on the burger will add a southwestern flair to your next barbecue.

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Closeup of pork ribs grilled with BBQ sauce and caramelized in honey on a bed of arugula. Tasty snack to beer on a wooden Board for filing on dark concrete background. Top view with copy space.VasiliyBudarin/Shutterstock

Sesame Steaks

These grilled steaks are bursting with flavor! While you're chowing down, chew on these 11 surprising health benefits of sesame.

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Healthy snack, lunch. Traditional Greek wrapped sandwich gyros - tortillas, bread pita with a filling of vegetables, beef meat and sauce tzatziki. On black stone table Copy space Rimma Bondarenko/Shutterstock

Grilled Beef Gyros

A spicy marinade adds zip to these grilled beef slices tucked inside pita bread.

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delicious Baked Chicken breast coated with melted emmental cheese and Whole-grain mustard on white plate with thyme and lemon slices, on old wooden table, view from abovefrom my point of view/Shutterstock

Zesty Mustard Chicken

Whether you're grilling a broiler chicken or chicken breasts, consider this lip-smacking glaze. There are only four ingredients in the honey mustard sauce, so you can whip it up in minutes.  Yum!

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Homemade Grilled Steak and Veggie Shish Kebabs on a SkewerBrent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Oriental Steak Skewers

Served with a creamy mustard sauce, these colorful steak bundles are special enough for company when you're running out of grill ideas.

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Board with fresh salmon fillet on tableAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Salmon with Citrus Salsa

Fire up the grill for this mouthwatering salmon topped with an orange and grapefruit salsa. Salmon (and fish in general) is a nutrition powerhouse! Be sure to check out this foolproof guide to grilling for your next BBQ.

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middle eastern style turmeric-ginger marinated chicken with cucumber, mint, onion, lime , pistachio and yogurtkokofoundit/Shutterstock

Cool Cucumber Chicken

Nothing could be easier than this chicken topped with a tangy dill sauce.

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