5 Great Uses for White Bread

Bread was long unavailable at the dollar store, but many chains have begun to expand their grocery sections to include a small selection of fresh foods. When you’re looking for uses beyond a sandwich, packaged bread is often more useful than a crisp bakery loaf!

Sweeten the scent of cabbage

They’re good for you and they taste good, but when they’re cooking, cabbage and cauliflower and other cruciferous vegetables can release an odor that does not beckon people into the kitchen. Lay a slice or two of white bread on top of the cooking veggies and put on the lid — the scent will stay in the bread, not in the air.

Keep cookies fresh

Homemade chocolate chip cookies can go from tasting deliciously soft and cakey to feeling hard and crunchy in a matter of days. To keep your freshly baked cookies tasting…freshly baked, put a couple slices of bread into the tin or jar where you store the cookies, laying the bread right on top of the cookies. The bread will keep that just-out-of-the-oven flavor and texture intact for up to a week.

Prevent broiler flare-ups

Put a slice or two of stale bread in the bottom of the broiler pan, and it will absorb the grease as it runs off, stopping flare-ups and easing cleanup by preventing pan juices from getting stuck to the pan.

Butter corn on the cob

Corn on the cob, that summertime treat, wouldn’t taste the same without a slather of butter on top, but it’s hard to spread it evenly over the nubby cob, especially for kids. Instead, spread a slice of bread thickly with softened butter and cup the bread in your palm — butter side up! Turn the corn in the buttery slice for perfect coverage.

Take scuffs off wallpaper and flat paint

Scuffs, fingerprints, and other marks on painted wallpapers and non-glossy paint surfaces can be hard to clean: Water can leave marks if you scrub with a sponge. Try a fresh slice of plain white bread instead, with the crusts cut off so no color can transfer. Rub gently over the mark, using a fresh slice of bread if needed, until it gently rubs off, leaving the surface intact, unharmed — and clean.

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