17 Christmas Cookie Recipes You’ll Want to Make This Year (and Every Year)

Get ready for cookie swap season.

Chocolate dips

120417_CookieSwap1919Matthew Cohen/rd.com
These beautiful cookies are sure to wow. The only secret? They’re easier to make than they look. (Have these 21 Christmas appetizers on hand, too, to balance the sweetness.)

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Reese’s peanut butter cookies

Matthew Cohen/rd.com
Your favorite candy is wrapped in a soft peanut butter dough for a decadent Christmas cookie that will keep you coming back for more.

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Gluten-free sugar cookies

120417_CookieSwap2081Matthew Cohen/rd.com
No one will miss the flour in these tasty treats. A dusting of red sprinkles makes them a festive touch for any holiday spread.

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Chex Mix muddy buddies

120417_CookieSwap2184Matthew Cohen/rd.com
Have this tasty snack on hand to get your sugar fix any time of day. Just be warned: You won’t be able to stick to just one handful.

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Festive almond trail mix cookies

120417_CookieSwap1987Matthew Cohen/rd.com
Loaded with white chocolate, slivered almonds, dried blueberries, and Craisins, these tasty cookies have something for everyone. Best of all, the add-ins are versatile, so you can play around with the flavors.

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Chocolate chip cookies

120417_CookieSwap2085Matthew Cohen/rd.com
Is there anything more comforting than a chocolate chip cookie? Nestle Toll House’s classic version has been perfected to get just the right amount of softness, sending you right down memory lane.  (Use these 9 chocolate chip cookie hacks for an extra twist.)

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Pinwheel cookies

Matthew Cohen/rd.com
Can’t decide between vanilla and chocolate? Have both! These homemade slice-and-bake Christmas cookies layer chocolate dough with vanilla to create a swirl.

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Peanut butter blossoms

120417_CookieSwap2046Matthew Cohen/rd.com
Chocolate and peanut butter? Yes, please! These peanut butter blossoms will become a go-to for every cookie swap.  (Use these 9 tricks to plan a cookie swap everyone will love.)

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Spritz cookies

120417_CookieSwap2102Matthew Cohen/rd.com
Gorgeous spritz cookies will be the star of any dessert spread. Just seven ingredients makes a crisp, buttery treat you’ll want to bring back every Christmas. (Check out these 9 clever ways to use cookie cutters when you aren't baking.)

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Russian tea cakes

120417_CookieSwap1908Matthew Cohen/rd.com
Stay warm inside and snack on these Christmas cookie snowballs instead. The dusting of powdered sugar is as delicious as it is festive.

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White chocolate-dipped oatmeal cranberry cookies

120417_CookieSwap2195Matthew Cohen/rd.com
Elevate your typical oatmeal cookie by dipping them in white chocolate. Play with the flavor by trying a dark chocolate dip instead of white, depending on your taste. (Tired of giving cookies as gifts? Check out these 17 DIY Christmas presents for everyone on your list.)

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Peppermint snowballs

120417_CookieSwap2014Matthew Cohen/rd.com
These look like your classic snowballs, but they have a secret: Bite into them and you’ll find a filling.

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Jam cookies

120417_CookieSwap2206Matthew Cohen/rd.com
These five-ingredient cookies are sure to become a must-bake on your Christmas cookies list. Our baker swapped margarine for butter and added flour to get the dough just right. (These 14 Christmas cookie baking hacks will make baking day go so much smoother.)

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Red velvet cookies

120417_CookieSwap2133Matthew Cohen/rd.com
If you like red velvet cake, you’ll love them in cookie form. Instead of cream cheese frosting, this Christmas cookie gets its sweetness from white chocolate chips. Best of all? The red velvet is festive without any extra effort.

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Whoopie cookies

120417_CookieSwap2028Matthew Cohen/rd.com
These chocolate sandwich cookies are firmer than your usual whoopie pie. Just don’t tell anyone your secret: They only take four ingredients. (Learn the real reason milk and cookies taste so darn good.)

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Oatmeal scotchies

120417_CookieSwap1975Matthew Cohen/rd.com
Butterscotch chips are the secret behind these classic cookies' nostalgic flavor. Crispy edges and a soft middle are everything you want from a Christmas cookie.

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Reindeer cookies

120417_CookieSwap1958Matt Cohen/rd.com
These adorable cookies are guaranteed to be Santa-approved. Chocolate and vanilla cookies come together to create the cutest Christmas cookies in the tin.

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