Dessert Meets Grill

banana boatsSummer is now in full swing, and the Fourth of July is right around the corner. That means one very tasty thing: it’s grill season! Is there a more relaxing way to combine a shindig with delicious food? I don’t think so. Hosting a backyard barbeque is about as low-pressure and low-effort as you can get while still throwing a great party.

Speaking about low-effort, I came across this mouth-watering recipe for Banana Boats posted by Stephanie Hua on Lick My Spoon. It’s easy, fast, cheap, and oh-so delectable. But best of all, it’s a grill treat that comes in its own dish! So smart.

Banana Boats, adapted from Stephanie Hua
* Ripe bananas. I personally like mine ripened until perfectly spotted; I think they’re sweeter this way. Estimate one per person—once they taste it, no one will want to share.
* Chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, peanut butter chips, sweetened coconut (or whatever other toppings you fancy)
* Foil

1. Choose your bananas.
2. Slit the banana lengthwise. Stuff them with any combination of toppings you desire. I am a big fan of dark chocolate and butterscotch.
3. Line your grill with foil, and place the ‘nanas on top. Grill with the cover on until toppings get melty and delicious.
4. Eat with a spoon.

Photo credit: Stephanie Hua

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