How to Choose Tomatoes Based on Your Taste

If you like…

…Something Easy, go for the small fruited, container tomatoes.


  • Crimson Fancy F1: A reliable producer, even for inexperienced growers
  • Green Sausage: A bush tomato with yellow stripes and a green flesh which grows well in a container
  • Ildi: A very prolific cherry tomato that produces large trusses of yellow oval or pear-shaped fruit

…Stuffed tomatoes, go for large-fruited varieties.


  • Striped Stuffer: A tomato best grown under glass, with stripes on its skin. It is good for stuffing.
  • Brandywine: A large-fruited, beefsteak-type with good flavor
  • Marmande and Super-Marmande: Early heirloom varieties with very large fruits
  • Super Marzano F1: A giant, disease-resistant pear-shaped fruit

…Something different, try growing the lesser-known and more unusually colored or shaped “heirloom” varieties.


  • Polish Linguisa: An old heirloom variety dating from the 1800s, which produces unusual-shaped, large, sweet fruits
  • Super Sweet 100 F1: One of the cherry tomatoes that produces red or yellow, sometimes pear-shaped, fruit
  • Black Russian: An heirloom variety with a dark skin and a good-flavored flesh
  • Roma:   An elongated plum tomato, ideal for making tomato sauces and pizzas
  • Gardener’s Delight: A late variety with small, very tasty fruits

Pairing Tomatoes with Meat, try varieties with lots of juice.


  • Big Boy F1: A large, smooth, blemish-free beefsteak-type fruit with thick meaty flesh
  • Dombito: A tasty beefsteak tomato

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