Secret Ingredients for the Best Sandwich

1. Pittsburgh-style sandwich

Secret ingredient: French fries
Pittsburgh delivery truck drivers needed to eat on the go — so they began putting their French fries and coleslaw on top of their sandwiches for quick, convenient munching. To this day, Pittsburghers enjoy sandwiches stacked high with coleslaw and fries. –

Also try:
Potato chips add a good crunch, and if you put them on your sandwich you may eat fewer if them than if you carelessly nosh from a pile on the side.

2. Hoagie

Secret ingredient: Oil and vinegar
Classic hoagies, originating in Philadelphia, are moistened with oil and vinegar, never mayonnaise

Also try:
Pesto: A sauce of basil puree with pine nuts and garlic adds a tangy punch to sandwiches.

3. Po' Boy

Secret ingredient: Fried seafood
The po' boy is a New Orleans sandwich made with fried seafood and topped with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. –

Also try:
Chicken fingers retain the crunch of a seafood po’ boy, but are more friendly for those who don’t like fish.

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4. Cuban

Secret ingredient and technique: Pickles and pressing
The classic Cuban sandwich is filled with meats, cheese, and pickles and then pressed. Pickles add a mouth-tingling brininess. Pressing lends an element of crunch to the outside of the sandwich, and melds the ingredients together to ensure the perfect bite every time.

Also try:
Hot cherry peppers for a spicy kick or even pickled jalapenos.

5. French Dip

Secret ingredient: Au jus
A French dip is a roast beef or steak sandwich dripping with an au jus or consommé. The eater dips the sandwich into the side of soupy gravy.

Also try:
Grilled cheese dipped in tomato soup. This classic will warm you from the inside out.

6. Muffuleta

Secret ingredient and technique:The addition of olive salad for flavor and resting to marry the ingredients makes a super-flavorful sandwich.
Like the po’ boy, the muffuleta sandwich hails from New Orleans "where it is often sold as an entire loaf of bread suitable for four people." It is made on a large round loaf and then topped with a piquant salad that usually includes olives, but also may include other marinated crisp vegetables. An important part of crafting the sandwich is the resting period where all the flavors meld. Resting simply means making the sandwich in advance and letting it sit, allowing the flavors to soak into the bread.
Also try:

  • Use the resting technique on other kinds of sandwiches, and then grab them on the way to work in the morning.
  • Make one big sandwich to feed the whole family.
  • A light vinaigrette on crunchy vegetables will give you healthy fiber and compelling crunch.

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