15 New Year’s Resolution Cartoons That Are Hilariously Spot On

Many of us try to make the same New Year's resolutions year after year—don't deny it—and these cartoons prove exactly why.

Resolution #1: Learn to manage your time better

Never put off until tomorrow what you know you'll forget about in an hour.

Resolution #2: Make sure to use sunscreen

SPF: Sun protection factor or snowman puddle factor?

Resolution #3: Give up smoking

Mary Nadler for Reader's Digest

That's a New Year's goal that can change your whole life. Check out these other New Year's resolutions you'll want to keep forever.

Resolution #4: Start a blog

Dan Reynolds

Because let's face it, your life is way more interesting to read about than this guy's.

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Resolution #5: Learn to eat healthier

We all have our weaknesses when it comes to food. Some are more damaging than others. Don't miss these other New Year's resolutions health experts wish you'd make.

Resolution #6: Try to lose the weight

But don't let anyone tell you you're not fabulous just the way you are.

Resolution #7: Start saving for the future

P.C. Vey for Reader's Digest

Prioritizing your goals is the key to financial success, right? Read up on more money-saving resolutions you should make this new year.

Resolution #8: Listen to your mother

Trust us, she always knows best.

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Resolution #9: Stick to your exercise plan

Everyone has their best intentions in mind when they make fitness one of their personal goals. Just make sure you don't make any of these New Year's resolutions that are impossible to stick to.

Resolution #10: Do your part to help the environment

Felipe Galindo-Feggo for Reader's Digest

They're starting to call themselves LED-bugs.

Resolution #11: Learn to cook

There's never been more truth to the saying, "You are what you eat."

Resolution #12: Cut down on drinking

Resolution #12.5: Don't underestimate the power of homophones.

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Resolution #13: Try to keep a positive attitude

The sky is always bluer on the other cloud.

Resolution #14: Make time for your favorite activities

They're always more fun when you're with friends.

Resolution #15: Help people in need

It's the thought that really counts. Next, check out these inspiring New Year's resolutions you'll actually want to keep.

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